Breakfast Quesadillas

There is a new favorite at the Kramer house.  What’s not to love?  Breakfast food, an on the go food, something quick, and more of all TASTY!!  The food is breakfast quesadillas.

Making them is SUPER easy.  Beat a couple of eggs and put them in a pan as if you are making an omelet.  Put some cheese and meat on the eggs.  Then put a tortilla on top…then flip it.

The original recipe says to fold it in half like an omelet and you’re done.  For me, I put another tortilla on top and flipped it again.

At our house the secret ingredient to everything is.. Mayonesa.  We have it at our Wal-Mart.  I put that the tortilla before I put it on the “omelet”.  The original recipe doesn’t call for it but we like it.

The quesadillas are awesome as you can grab it and run out the door.  The kiddos here all loved them too so that’s a plus.  Carver is a picky eater so I’ve made these a few times for something quick he’ll eat.

HERE is a link for a full recipe.  I recommend following the link as there is a video there too and watching the video really helped me understand how to flip it.

Try these…I am betting if you have a family that likes breakfast food like my family does, they’ll love these too.

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      1. Virginia Grenier

        Garlic! Okay, now that makes sense. I tried doing some research as to the difference and didn’t come up with anything. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

  1. it has garlic but also a big helping of lime–you can see by the picture. mexican canned goods are expected to have a picture that says, without words, for the benefit of illiterates or oldsters with failing eyesight (Mexico reveres its oldsters), what’s inside.

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