Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes

If you are a Facebook user and like me, you have friends that are always posting recipes to their Facebook wall.  Typically I ignore them but occasionally I don’t.  I pin them to Kelli’s wall and show them to her..and sometimes I actually try one of those recipes out.  Wednesday was a “try one out” day.  The recipe was for Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes.

Well I love oatmeal and I like being able to make variations so I wasn’t the least surprised that I printed the recipe and went right to the kitchen once I saw it.  The recipe makes a big batch.  I think I ended up with 28 cupcakes.  By the way…I don’t think cupcake is really the right word to call them…I think I’d call them baked oatmeal cups.  There is nothing cake-y about them.

Don’t misunderstand…they were good but they weren’t a cake.  In fact, they don’t have flour.  That’s another thing that attracted me to the recipe.  Kelli is gluten free.  Some people have an oatmeal intolerance that are gluten free…others don’t.  Kelli doesn’t.  She can eat oatmeal with no problems.


The recipe allots for several substitutions.  For me, I only had one banana that needed to get used up so I added part applesauce.  I had honey in the cupboard that needed to get used so that was the sweetener.  The recipe lists other sweetening options as well.  I love that flexibility.

The recipe also encourage makers to add whatever ingredients they wanted to flavor the recipe.  I had butterscotch chips that were open so I threw them in along with raisins and almonds.

They were good.  They were very oatmeal like and were hearty.  I like both of those so for me…YUM.  The recipe suggests freezing them and “reheating them for a busy day”.  I have some in the freezer.  I even sent a few with Hubby to freeze and microwave at work.

If you’d like to give the recipe a try, you can find it here.  One note….if you let them cool a bit they don’t stick to the liner as much.

I’ve been in a bit of a baking/cooking rut.  It was good to try something new!

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  1. I will try these for my husband. He loves oatmeal, I fall into the gluten and oatmeal intolerant
    group so it will be nice to be able to make them and freeze them. I’ve just started making steel cut oats in my little crock pot for him. Set it up before I go to bed, let it cook all night and it’s perfect in the morning. The crock pot only holds 3 cups of anything so it is the perfect size for one serving.

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