Breakfast Bake

I am all about adding quick and easy recipes to my arsenal of eating options.  The other day Kalissa was dropping Carver off for childcare.  She had a Pyrex container of food with, pulled it out and said, “Mom, you have to try this.”  I did and was immediately impressed.

She had a breakfast bake.  She gave me a bite and then said, “Want the recipe?”  YES.  I did.  It was really good.  I was about to go off and get paper and pencil to write the recipe down but there was not need to do that….the recipe was that easy.

In advance, fry up two pounds of sausage.  I didn’t have two pounds so did one pound of sausage and one of bacon.

Take a bag of shredded hashbrowns.  Layer HALF of the bag in a greased 9 x 13 pan.  Then layer the meat.  Then beat 6 eggs and pour over the top.  Then put on the rest of the hashbrowns, meat and another 6 eggs. It should look like this…

I put shredded cheese over the top.  Then I popped it in the oven for 55 minutes.

It came out looking like this….

Kalissa thinks it’s best if she spreads con caso cheese dip over the top.  (that’s the dip in the chip section that comes in a jar).  Hubby and I liked it as is.

It sure was simple to whip up.  I know for sure I’ll be making this more often.  The good news is that it warmed up as leftovers okay.  I do think if it was just me and Hubby that I’d make half batch in a 9 x 9 dish.

If you try it, let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast Bake”

  1. I’ve made it for years. If I’m in a real hurry, I try to have a carton of Egg Beaters on hand and just dump it over the top and then the cheese. When all the kids are home with their families, it’s a great breakfast dish!!

  2. Does Kalissa use the con caso cheese dip on top of the cheddar cheese or instead of the cheddar? (It looks great and I will try it. Just wondering about the cheese!)

  3. I love egg bakes and we make this for large gatherings, great recipe and I will try it with the Con Caso poured over the top.

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