Braving the Cold

We Kramers are a silly bunch.  We have a family message group and we use it a lot and often.  Sometimes it’s for serious things…sometimes it’s for showing off what we’re up to…sometimes it’s a place to let off a little steam over how crazy the grandkids are.  There are occasional posts of “Gee Mom, how did you take care of all of us?”  I love those.

Tuesday morning it was super cold here.  Some schools called school 2 hours late as the wind chills were brutal…something like -35 degrees as the feels like temp.  It was cold.

But…I had finished my Christmas quilt that will be published in American Patchwork and Quilting in the Christmas 2021 issue.  I had lint-rolled it for the umpteenth time.  I wanted to get a picture of it before I sent it off.  So -35 degrees or not, I was going to get a picture.

I got my quilt hung.  I took my usual pictures and then I thought, I’m going to try something different and take a selfie with my quilt.  Here it is.

I decided I would send some pictures of the quilt to the kids so I opened the family message group.  Added some pictures including the one above and wrote;
“Braved the early morning cold to take pictures. 🥶

Kayla wrote telling me the quilt was great.

Kelli wrote, “That is aqesome.”  Yes, she wrote aqesome.  She meant to write awesome.  Kelli has so many typos and we all constantly harass her for not putting a spell check on her phone.

Then Karl wrote, “Very brave to get out in the cold for some pictures, but also very good quilt.”

…and then in true form from my silly bunch of kids came the pictures of them also “braving the cold”.

Buck actually was braving the cold…see?He wrote, “I win.”

Buck does work outside and hands down, we all knew he was the bravest to be out framing a house in this weather.  Yep…he worked right through it.

Then Kayla wrote, “I lose” and included this picture of her with Jasper.  Jasper is doing good but she opted to stay home with him one more day after his hospital stay and bout of pneumonia over the weekend.

Then came Karl’s picture…he was working at the office drinking from his Bob Ross cup…with his pinkie up for full effect.

Then at about 1 pm, Kalissa who was sleeping from working the overnight chimed in with this picture.

Kelli was the last to check in.  She had been dealing with Georgia who has the flu.  Taking care of a puking, crabby two year old takes you out of the family loop a bit, but she wanted to chime in too.

This is so typical of the family message group.  I have such a good time with my kids.  They are so funny and are a real joy for me.  The goofy part of them from when they were kids has never “grown-up” and honestly, I hope it never will.  I love that we tease and joke in a kind hearted way.  I will forever and always count my kids as my biggest blessing!

P.S.  When I last checked, Georgie was feeling some better.  That was good news, but now Kelli wasn’t feeling so hot.  That wasn’t good news.  Even that news was sent through Messenger.

14 thoughts on “Braving the Cold”

  1. Jo, your family’s really been through it recently! I’m praying for everyone’s health and continued good cheer.

    The Christmas quilt is spectacular! Gorgeous … just like your kids, all of whom look just like you!

  2. The quilt is beautiful! I love the way your family is so close and have such a good time with each other. Buck looked cold! That temp reminds me of when I lived in Rochester, MN. Schools would close because of the temperatures – too cold for kids waiting for bus.

  3. Wonderful family pictures. Thank you for sharing. I sure miss my family, but can’t travel to Canada to see them with the COVID restrictions. Sure has been a looonnng year.

  4. Oh no, hope Kelli feels better soon. I love it when you share about your family as well as your quilts! You have a loving family and they make beautiful grandchildren too! Love the quilt…great inspiration!

  5. Beautiful Christmas quilt! I love the picture of you with quilt – such a good idea to do that! I look forward to it being published so I can make it! Enjoyed the great pictures of you, your kids & grands. Thanks for sharing! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  6. Love the quilt! Also, love how you alll communicate! Thankful Jasper is feeling better and that Georgia is on the mend. But now Kelli. Bummer. Haven’t heard much about the flu in NW Iowa….just COVID. Take care!

  7. Love the Christmas quilt – A Lone Star quilt, with a Trip around the World center, and a hodge podge of squares for the points of the star. Beautiful! Kudos to Buck for working outside in this weather. I hate even walking out to the road to put the garbage container out. Brrr! I see next week it is supposed to be 41 degrees in La Crosse, WI on Tuesday – not sure that will really happen – but hope it does. :>)

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