Braids the Lazy Quilter Way

It’s time for me start working on the braids for the borders of my Bricks in the Barnyard quilt.  The looks a lot more complicated than they actually are.

A while back I sewed together Bonnie Hunter’s Texas Braids quilt….see here…Texas-Braids-1

That was a lot of braids.  Kelli started one…Kayla started one.  Both of them quit as they got sick of jumping up and ironing all the time.  Phht.  Iron, what’s that?  I know some of you might faint dead away when you hear this but I didn’t iron a single seam of mine until the entire braid was finished.

I’m the leader of a bandwagon who believes ironing and pressing quilts is WAY over rated.  But as with everything people need to find their own way and do what is comfortable for them.  Me, I hardly iron until a block is finished….or in this case, a braid.

I thought I’d give you a peek at how me, the non-ironer, makes a braid.

I have two braids going at a time in my photos.  I feed two through then clip off the back braid and work on it.

I got started.  Now I am adding the rectangle without a red square attached.  See how the black printed piece needs to go in place?

When sewing that piece on it’s easiest if I place the black piece on the braid right sides together but then flip the entire braid upside down.  I am going to cross the seam where the red square was added.  There I make sure the seam is pointed to the red square….

Once it’s sewn I flip it over and check…all is right.  I finger press it back.

Next I need to add the rectangle with the red square attached.

Now I put the piece on top….I sandwich the seams, no pins needed.

I sew the seam, going slow at first to make sure the seam stays in place.

The top piece I am adding is shorted than the braid so after I’ve passed the length of the newly added piece I swerve off.

In 15 minutes I had two braids this long.  I never got up from the machine.  Easy peasy.

It did take a bit to get my system down but after that I did it was actually really quick…but that’s the no iron-no pinning method.  The regular way, if stopping to iron after each piece was added, that, would take MUCH longer.

My way isn’t the right way for everyone but it definitely is the right way for me.  If I keep it up, these braids will get done in no time.

21 thoughts on “Braids the Lazy Quilter Way”

  1. Ok so ya sew the red squares to some pieces, then add the one without it. What is that lined thing on your machine? Hadn’t seen one like that.

  2. I am about ready to move Texas Braids up to the sewing stage, feels like I have been cutting bricks from scraps for eternity. Pretty sure I need more light ones. . .

  3. Think I’ll try it your way too. Would also like to know what that lined grid you’rr using on the bed of the machine is called.

  4. What is the name of the white and turquoise gridded template on your sewing machine? Where did you get it? I would like to get one like it for my sewing machine.

  5. I’m with Mary. I’m a die hard. Also, I cut the pieces for my Texas braid while I was still living in AMES!!! So anything to get it done, I guess!

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