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At the new house we are having all hard wood floors.  I have lived for years and years in homes that I could do little to nothing to the flooring when it went bad.  I’ve lived with stains that don’t come out-an iron imprint on my kitchen carpet (yes carpet in the kitchen)…all sorts of things.  With Hubby being a hired farm worker, we’ve lived in whatever house the owner provided.  One of the houses we lived in Minnesota had carpet on the stairs that was totally worn.  While several months pregnant I came down the stairs in heels on my way to church.  The heel caught in the hole that had worn through the carpet and I fell down about four steps.  Luckily everything was fine…but under my own choice, I will never choose carpet.

So wood floors it is.  Well I still want some rugs to protect the floor and for warmth and ascetics too.  So I’ve been on the hunt looking for rugs.  Braided are my favorite.  Boy or boy are rugs expensive though…I’ve looked through the big home improvement stores and online at JcPenny’s wondering how I was going to add rugs to the budget.

A bit ago when we bought my trunk, the seller also had a set of braided rugs laying out that he had bought on an auction the night before for his wife…There was a huge one probably 11′ x 13′-another big one probably about 10″ round-there were three more smaller matching rugs.  I said to the guy the rugs were awesome.  He said that he was at an auction the night before and bought the LOT, all five rugs, for $10.  I immediately told him there is no way that he would have gotten them had I been there.  He smiled and pointed out that one of the rugs had a small hole in it.

We continued on looking at the wares the guy had buying the trunk, cupboard, and basket.  Just as we were done loading everything and I was writing the check Hubby asked if he were to sell the rugs, how much would he want?  The guy smiled and said they were for her his wife.  Then hesitated a second, went in the house and apparently talked to his wife.  He came back and said well…his wife supposed she could part with them.  Hubby asked if he had a price in mind.  The guy said $100.  Hubby and I both together said SOLD!!!

The rugs are in my garage now…waiting for the new house.


They are actually a perfect color for what I want.  Right now I think the big oval will go under the dining room table and the big circle under the kitchen table.  If I don’t like them there…they are likely headed to the sewing room.   They are all the same color-same pattern for the most part.  The one Ruby is sitting on is slightly darker.

This one is in the worst shape.  Today’s task is to repair this small one.  The hole is about three inches long so the task will take about 5 minutes.  I am so excited for these rugs.  With them all matching and positioned between the kitchen and dining room,  I think it will help the new and old part flow together.

As Hubby and I were driving away, he commented on the deal we on the rugs.  I think the guy said $100 as a scare away price because his face just dropped when we said yes….Yes..the guy made $90 profit on the rugs and he made the profit overnight but still, I think we got a heck of a deal.  Hubby asked how much I would have paid had he asked more..honestly, I would have paid $200 and wouldn’t have blinked…had he said $250.  I’d have paid that too…Looking at JcPenny’s a 9 x 12 rug is in the $750 range.

I am happy and so glad that I don’t have to worry about rugs for two of the rooms.  I’m happy that I got a deal too!!

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  1. Good deal. Be sure to get those cleaned before adding to your home so you do t bring in anything that could infest your home….I tell you this be ause of a friends find that ended up not being such a good find.

  2. Those are nice! I sure wish you lived closer to me here in KY as I would give you a 9×12 braided rug that came from JCP. :) We have a JCP outlet store that is out in the middle of nowhere and I bought it for $25 because it had a few places that had came loose. As you know those are easily fixed so that is what I did. I bought it and fixed it. Of course, now it needs to be cleaned but I was sooo pleased for get it for that price considering they are hundreds of dollars.

  3. In your spare time(LOL) you could make your own braid rugs, Jo. I loved watching my mother make them from strips cut from old wool clothing. I wish I still had the clips she used to roll the strips and hold the ends when she set it aside to prep more strips.

  4. you certainly found a great bargain in those rugs. I love the colors and know that they will go perfectly in your new house. Congratulations!

  5. Those rugs are such pretty colors…there is a lady from WI that makes braided rugs and does custom requests. Her etsy shop name is Mrs. Ginther, I have followed her their and flickr for several years…they are such nice looking classic rugs. Anyway, if you need more she might be cheaper than Penneys and probably better made.

  6. Your rugs are fabulous now because they have a story to go with them! And it is a story of loving spouses together as they work as a team. Maybe you can make a cotton label listing the date and where bought and you and hubby’s name as owners. I love the multi-colored aesthetics of them!

  7. Wow, what a steal! I have a similar story only mine was a dumpster rescue. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. While it probably wasn’t a rug I would have chosen, the price was right. lol.

  8. I love braided rugs too, and you’re right, the fact that yours are all in the same colorway will tie your rooms together nicely. When we sold our first house, we had an oval braided rug in the dining room and no place for it in the new house. The buyers met our price on the house but asked that the rug be included. We gladly said yes to seal the deal. I hope they’re still using the rug or that it’s gone on to a new loving home. I can’t remember where I bought it but think I paid about $250 in the 80s, and it was a very well made rug.

  9. Looks like Ruby likes them too! What a great deal you got – we go to auctions in a little town a few mile down the road every Friday evening, and have found some great buys. That’s the way I like to shop, find the bargains, buy used stuff!

  10. This cold, cold weather is like what my mom would use to clean our braided rugs growing up. We would drag them into the snow, the fine crystals would scour away the dirt. Shake them out, and they would be refreshed. Need about three people to do those big ones!
    Beautiful rugs, Jo. Good find!

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