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You might remember my bracelet saga….  I wrote about it here.  The bracelet tell’s the life story of Jesus.  I adore the bracelet and was so sad when mine broke.

This is what my original bracelet looked like…..

Sadly mine broke and I’ve been trying to replace it.  I tried to find the original maker with no luck.  After I wrote the post, one of my blog readers decided to replicate it….

This is blog reader Yolanda’s bracelet.  She made more gifting them to her family for Christmas.  I think they make an amazing gift.

bracelet (2)

I love her’s.

I still don’t have one together yet.  I’ve collected beads. I’ve also learned (I’ve never bought beads before) that so many beads come in strings.  That means that you can make several economically.

I’ve never put jewelry together though.  I really don’t know how.  I’m sure I could figure it out but I’m waiting….


I have my thyroid surgery on the 25th and our daughter Kayla is coming home that weekend while I am recuperating.  I thought bracelet making might be a good activity for us….she can do it and I can consult.  In the meantime I am going to get these packages all opened and sorted into an empty egg carton making sure I have all the beads I need.  I’d hate to have a victim  jewelry maker to help me and not have the right beads.

I love Yolanda’s version and it makes me happy to see one together without the original beads.  It looks really nice.  Thanks so much for sharing your picture.  It really gave me the motivation to know that the bracelet will still be beautiful without all the original beads.

Having the bracelet to look forward to is a good thing….hmmm…I wonder if there’s anything else I can think of to do while I’m recuperating and Kayla’s here…I know, I’m a bad mom suckering her into doing this for me- But I sure love her for putting up with me.

5 thoughts on “Bracelet Update”

  1. An egg carton is a great idea!The beading sounds like a really fun project and the bracelets will mean even more with the two of you making them! I know that Kayla will take great care of you!

  2. Make sure you have the tools and findings (clasps, jump rings, crimps) that you need. A good resource is Fire Mountain Gems. Michael’s is good, too. Also, you might want to check out some beginner jewelry-making videos online, in your copious spare time, of course! Good luck with the surgery and the bracelets!

  3. Jo, you will need a needle nose pliers and the right kind of cord for your project. It sounds like you have the rest under control. Annies could be helpful, also.

  4. Jo, I am so glad that you found what you need to make a new bracelet. Kayla will be a big help while you recover from your surgery and making a new bracelet will help take your mind off of your pain…(Hope you don’t have any!) Do you think that it would be okay if I gave both the story (directions) and the picture of the bracelets to the Youth Director at our Church? She holds an Art Camp during the summer for both the youth of our Church and the public. I think it would be a great project for them.

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