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You might remember my whole story about my wanting my bracelet replaced.  Then you might have remembered that a blog reader Yolanda made some of the bracelets for her family for Christmas.

While the kids were home, when I had surgery, the plan was that we would make bracelets….Kayla jumped right in.  She has a couple of friends that she does bible study with and is always looking for something to gift them.  She thought the bracelets would be perfect.


She started stringing them and UGH…some of the beads are a little big so there isn’t room for spacers.  The spacers make it look  a little nicer.  Then we didn’t have the pieced needed to make the angels hang the right way.  We were all a little disappointed but agreed it wasn’t right to go on as we were.  It’s better to wait and to do it right.

Kayla took the bracelet and has plans to go to Hobby Lobby or some place where she can actually see the beads thinking that will help with sizing and such…so we’re still on the hunt.

I love living a “rural” life but this is one of the things that can drive me crazy too…stores that have things we want are a little too far away sometimes.

In the meantime I found this…It’s a bracelet with the 23rd Psalm.  There are gobs and gobs of bracelets all similar and all different with the same meaning if you follow this link.

I really-really think I want one of these too.

I suppose I better talk to Kayla and see what she can find.  I’m not a jewelry girl, but meaningful jewelry, I really like.  So the hunt continues.

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    1. I listened to the game on way to the doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse. I missed the third quarter as we stopped for an errand….I came back and couldn’t believe the score. The end scroe really didn’t reflect how good your girls played. Happy hopes for them for next year. It’s a huge accomplishment to get so far!

  1. I know what you mean about rural living. So many of the things I need are located in stores an hour away. (and an hour back) By next Wednesday I need a door prize for quilt group and I just know I’ll have make at least a 50 mi. round trip to get ANYTHING appropriate. It’s a real pain! I don’t like shopping anyway. :(

  2. If you can please keep us abreast on this topic of these bracelets, I would love to make several to send to my daughter and her family serving as Missionaries in Bulgaria, that they could give them out to the people they are ministering to. That they can explain the meaning behind each stone or symbol. Thank you for any help you can pass on to us.

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