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A big shout out to all of you who ordered our book from us.  Kelli is working hard on filling orders…..and yes, expect that your book might come in an recycled Amazon envelope.  We are care about the earth and care about our pocketbook so we’re doing the best we can to reuse when possible.

Little Miss Georgia was getting in on the action.  She loves to be a part of anything that’s happening.

..and if she is too much of a help, into the highchair she goes.  She’s content with most any kind of fruit to keep her busy and occupied.  She’s an excellent table food eater.

One of reasons I want to thank you all for ordering book is this…
Kelli and Kalissa both are seriously thinking about taking the DIVE into getting their master’s degrees in nursing education.  It’s been all the talk around here for the last couple days.  Well actually for the last year but now they are finally more serious.  Transcripts are being fired off.  Specifics of the programs are being gathered.  Questions are being asked.  Plans are being made.  I believe they’ve gotten to the point they are serious.

Along with that, the worry of how to afford the costs have set in.  Oh my…then sitting at the table last night talking about put me shock.  $450 a credit and Kelli who is going from RN to masters is guessing she needs 70 credits.  OUCH!  That math is scary.  Kalissa is in a little better situation as she has her BSN and as many credits aren’t needed for that.

I could look at Kelli and see that the worry was hitting hard so I promised her that she could have the money from book sales.  It won’t be a lot but it’s a start….so thanks so much to those of you who bought a book.  It was enough to give her a little boost.

With that, I thought I’d ask any of you, does anyone know of any scholarships, grants or helpful programs for those getting a masters in nursing education?  I know many of you are or have nurses in your family so I was hoping someone might have some good kind of lead.  There are clearing houses online for scholarships but it takes so long to read through and decipher if they are legit.  I thought maybe someone could save us a little leg work.

I am so excited for both of them.  They both have a goal down the line of working at the local community college.  Kalissa is already teaching clinicals through there…Kelli has been encouraged by staff there to continue her education so she can join their team of teachers.  But both are open to other opportunities should that not work out.

Honestly, in our area, it’s about the best the job in the nursing field that the girls could get with the most family friendly hours.  Both girls being married to farmers, take on a lot of the parenting duties.  That’s so hard when working either 12 hour days of 12 hour nights.  Finding childcare for those hours is so hard too.  I do a lot but I can’t do it all.

More than that, it’s a wonderful fit for both of the girls.  I can see Kelli as an awesome beginning teacher.  She’s soft and understanding but still will be a person that won’t let bad students slip through the cracks.  Kalissa would be a better “end of program” instructor.  She is a little harder and will give those soon to be nurses a good dose of what to expect once they are on their own.

I do have to kind of laugh.  Kramer was a farmer and community volunteer with first responders and fire department.  He was a good carpenter and wood worker.  The kids got a good dose of medical things and farming exposure as well as hands on making.  I’ve always been a teacher of sorts.  I’ve written and done a lot of public speaking and adult education teaching. That means the kids have seen a lot of that too.  So what do our kids do?

Kelli-she has a bachelors in education and her RN
Kayla- a family consumer sciences teacher with her Masters
Buck- went to college for fire science and is now in home construction
Karl-went for teaching now works in HR on a big farm
Kalissa- BSN in nursing

All of the kids have jobs that reflect things they saw as they saw Kramer and I doing…It’s so cool how that has worked.  I know Kramer would be so tickled to see the girls moving forward in their education.  He always so loved hearing them talk medical.

So again…thanks so much to those of you who purchased a copy of our book.

If anyone else is interested getting a book (and supporting Kelli’s college fund) drop her an email…

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  1. Hi Jo, It is a pleasure to support such a great cause! I can’t wait to get my book. As it happens, I am a financial aid counselor at a university. I would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. I think you already have my e-mail address since I bought a book.

  2. Have they talked to someone at the hospital where they work. Sometimes hospitals will help pay tuition for someone to further their education.

    1. If they get help through the hospital which would not be much at all, they have to commit to working there “x” amount of years and neither would stay there in their current positions.

  3. Hi Jo, I am a retired nursing faculty and I am thrilled to hear the girls are considering the teaching field. I would have them ask the faculty at your local community college about how to proceed with their education. In some cases schools will help with funding. If not that, they may have good leads on where to look for grants, etc. Best wishes to them both. We need good faculty desperately!

  4. WEll done, Jo! You have raised some educated kids! Thirsting for education. And good for them for wanting to continue on.

  5. If it helps you decide to buy the book. I bought mine when it first came out and I LOVE it!!!!! buying the book is s win-win situation. :)

  6. Another list from our website

    Most hospitals offer tuition assistance for ongoing education, hopefully their employers do as well. Nursing professors are in dire need in our country, perhaps the nearby universities are offering tuition assistance?

  7. Hi Jo,

    My mom also lives in Iowa and is on the board of her local hospital auxiliary which offers annual scholarships for people going into medical fields. It is for county residents only (or I’d connect you with her). But, your county or local hospital auxiliary may have a similar type of program.

    I’d also have them reach out to the people teaching at the community college at which they would like to work and at other similar places to ask about scholarships.

    Finally, as a professor at a university, I’d also recommend that they speak to some of their instructors to help figure out what the particular demand is at the school in which they are interested in working. I know that nursing education is a high demand field, but from what I understand your daughters aren’t particularly able to move given their connections to particular farms. Thus, I wonder what would happen if one particular school was not hiring when they were done. Are there other options nearby, or would they be faced with the possibility that the available jobs would be far away? Something to consider.

    Best wishes to your daughters! The world needs good nurses and nursing instructors!

  8. Carolyn Sullivan

    Good for them! I would hope the institutions that they are working for would assist them in getting their MSN…. BUT Then I think they have to commit to more years of working for them. I only got my BSN. I started to get my MSN, and thought about a NP, but I was close enough to retirement I knew I wasn’t going to leave. They offered NO assistance and at that time were NOT hiring NP. 3yrs later they were….. OH well.

  9. My daughter is a nursing educator in Ohio. Her university was expanding their program and had tuition incentives for educators that stayed in state to teach. Asking questions at universities that interest them, is probably their best bet. I wish them well with reaching their goals.

  10. I sent an email that you directed us to requesting a copy of your book as soon as I read your post. I’ve not been contacted on how to pay. I still want a book! Please.
    Juddaca Heater
    High point NC

  11. Wow, I had no idea that it cost so much for a person to go on and get there masters in nursing. I admire there commitment to furthering there education. I already have the book but I hope all of the remaining books get bought.

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