Book Review: Treasury of Quilts

I was on Amazon’s site a few weeks ago and saw this quilt book.  I’ve kind of given up on buying quilt books except for a limited few and all of Bonnie Hunters.  I can either design in myself or find a free pattern so I’ve made limiting my quilt book purchases to a select few…but when I saw this one, I snapped it up.


It’s done by the 19th Century Quilt Divas.  That name might, or might not, ring a bell in your mind but it sure does to me.

I have this in my UFO pile and it’s done by them.

Oh, I love this quilt.  I really need to pull in out and work on it again but I’m tackling my UFOs that are towards the front of the stack first.

I also have their previous book…

History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th-Century Patchwork Divas

I love this book…To really love the quilts you have to like old fashion more traditional quilts in Civil War prints…and scrappy.  Well, that’s me to a T!!  No wonder I love the patterns.

Anyway..would this book live up to the test?

The premise of the book is that the “Divas” take a block, make them and then design their own quilts with the blocks.  That means that there is a quilt in the book…then variations on that are given too.  Only one of the quilts has a complete patterns.

Here’s my example.  This is a postage stamp quilt.  All the directions are given to make it.


Then in the “gallery” they show more options for laying the postage stamp blocks out.  See?

…and even more options.


Here’s the tree of life pattern.


and the Sunburst.  Oh I’d love to make this but I still feel a little intimidated by the circles.  Maybe someday.


There’s a log cabin with lots of variations.


Few things beat a log cabin quilt.

All in all the book was pretty good.  You can find it here on Amazon, 19th-Century Patchwork Divas’ Treasury of Quilts: 10 Stunning Patterns, 30 Striking Options. Personally if I were to only buy one of their books, I like this one, History Repeated: Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th Century Patchwork Divas, the first one a little better. The designs were just ones that I liked a little bit better.

This one has been sitting by my bed stand.  I’ve been reading and paging through it several nights.  It’s a good book.

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Treasury of Quilts”

  1. Jo, I love these quilts….my favorite of the ones you show is the Tree of Life one, Night and Day….I would love to make that one ….I will put it on my list right now….who knows when I will ever get to it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fun to see others write about these books. Carol was the first leader of my Jo group. And then I joined a second Jo group and guess who was the leader – Yep – Betsy. They are both great teachers and we had much history and fabric history presented over the years. I will have to get the book and have the Divas who made quilts sign those pages…. yep… divas are part of Betsy’s group to this day.

  3. I’m kind of new to quilting, so please enlighten me. What is a Jo group, mentioned by Susie Q? I love traditional patterns and Civil War prints.

  4. Paula…. Jo group is really called Jo Morton’s Little Women Club…. but for short we call it Jo group…. sort of confusing as I am commenting on this Jo’s blog. sorry

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