Book Review: Piece and Quilt with Precuts

I was recently sent an ebook copy of the book Piece and Quilt with Precuts: 11 Quilts, 18 Machine-Quilting Designs, Start-to-Finish Success! by Christa Watson.  I looked through the ebook and then thought…ummmm.  I want a hard copy of this.  So I wrote to the people at Martingale, who published the book, and asked for a hard copy.  They sent one on to me and I’m so happy.  I’m a hard copy girl.  I like to hold books close…I like to turn pages….I like ability to visualize knowing the pattern I want is in the upper right hand corner.


Did you read the fine print to the title?  It said, “18 Machine-Quilting Designs.  Start to Finish Success!”  I had to check it out to see what it really meant.  It means this.  You get the pattern…you get the instructions AND you get the quilting designs explained in a very easy to use format.  WOW.  I have needed this.  I feel like I always struggle with a good quilting design.  She focuses more of the quilting towards a domestic machine but that’s okay.  I can adapt it to my long arm.

I also am really happy with the quilts that are included.  They are PERFECT for beginner or anyone who is sewing charity quilt projects.  The projects are designed around pre cuts but if you’re like me, you have tons of scraps that either are, or can be, cut into those pre cut sizes.


The desire of my heart is to sew this one up next.  I have a wedding in December that I’ll need a quilt for and I think I might do this.  I can’t decide if I want to do it with taupes or batiks.  Either way I think it would be a good, not demanding quit that I could do for a wedding gift.


See the great machine quilting instructions that are included?Piece-and-quilt-with-precuts-4

Here’s another design…don’t you think they’d make great charity quilts??


The piecing isn’t intense but the end result is still nice.

The layout of the book is pleasing.  Kelli and both agreed that this is one of our favorite quilts in the book.


Here’s the full design.  Piece-and-quilt-with-precuts-11

I think this book would be awesome for gift giving to a beginning quilter, to someone who wants to try machine quilting, to a charity quilt maker….oh the possibilities of people who would enjoy this book are endless.  I don’t buy as many quilt books as I used to but this one was one I really wanted.  I very much enjoyed reading and looking through the suggested quilting designs.  You might enjoy it too.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Piece and Quilt with Precuts”

  1. I have another one of Christa’s books. She has a real gift for turning something simple to execute into something with great visual impact. Look forward to seeing what you make from this book.

  2. This book looks interesting and I like the idea of getting a design for the top quilting. Hope to see what you make from this book.

  3. Thanks for posting this Jo. I am always on the lookout for what I can do with my “scraps” (all neatly organized in bins but not necessarily used!). The books look like it will have some great ideas and I’m interested in the quilting as well (should be easy to longarm with her designs)

  4. I made Christa’s Chevron quilt, using her instructions from her blog. She quilted it creatively on her domestic sewing machine. I made my quilt using her instructions for piecing and quilting. Her directions as clear and thorough

  5. Heaven only knows that I could use a book to get scraps moving around here and I need a TON of graduation gifts for the next few years.

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