Book Review: Me & My 18″ Doll

Calling all Grandmas, Aunties, Moms and friends of little girls.  Oh my word.  You are going to LOVE this.  In know I do!!

C&T Publishing sent me a couple books for review.  After looking at the list, just by the title, I picked Me & My 18″ Doll by Erin Hentzel as the book I just HAD to review.  I was super impressed with the book.  It’s a book that every person want to buy if they sew and have a little one in their life that has an 18″ doll.

Did you read the cover?  20+ outfits, accessories and QUILTS for the girl in your life.  So the premise is that everything is done in doll size AND in girl size.  YAHOO!!  I love it.

So see the pretty quilt?  The pattern is available in girl size and a mini version for the doll.  How precious.  The clothes the gals are wearing in the photo…yep, girl sized and doll sized.

See the different sized quilts?….There’s a pattern for hte shirts the gals and dolls are wearing too.

Here there is a pinafore and headband that match…Both are so cute.

Purses that match and even SUITCASES.  You can see the suitcases in the back of the picture against the wall.

The girl and the doll have matching skirts too.  Oh my.  Growing up I would have LOVED-LOVED-LOVED this.

Here’s a better picture of the suitcases.

So what did I do…I went straight to Amazon and put the book on Pre-order.  I am not risking having this one in ebook form and losing it.  The book comes out on September 25th…and I’m SO EXCITED!!

My granddaughters are still little…maybe they won’t like dolls.  I sure am hoping they do because this grandma would so love a little sewing time to sew on these cute-cute projects!!

You can find the book here at C&T Publishing or HERE on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Me & My 18″ Doll”

  1. I agree with you I would have loved that book when I was growing up. I loved dolls and still do to this day and my philosophy is that you can never have enough clothes for your doll. Having an outfit or purse or suitcase that matched what my doll had would have been so amazing for me as a child.

  2. I sewed for my collection of dolls when I was a teen and so loved making clothing by myself. I had two boys so never got to sew pretty clothes but I now have two granddaughters. The youngest is 4 1/2 and I’ve made her a few things like stuffed toys and little red riding hood, etc. Even a few clothes for her. Its so much fun.

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