Book Review: Knit Nordic

I’m very excited about the latest shipment of books from Sterling Publishing. It’s a bummer that Kelli is crocheting now because she got dibs on some great choices, but I’m happy with the knitting books.

I very much enjoyed Knit Nordic by Eline Oftedal.  Eline is from Norway herself and shares her personal family history of this style of knitting. The first portion of the book gave a history of Norwegian knitting which was very interesting.  I didn’t know that different regions of the country are associated with specific patterns, much like Irish cable knitting.

Each pattern has several projects.  Some of them are a little far fetched like an Ipod case and a toilet paper roll cover. But I can definitely picture myself making the adorable teddy bear featured on the cover!

I would love more time and patience for these intricate patterns. I would make the beanie hat, the slouchy tam, and the french press coffee cozy. Luckily I took the book from Mom before she noticed the slippers because I’m sure she would be campaigning for a pair.

I highly recommend this book, especially if you enjoy learning about the history of knitting and like learning about the knitting traditions of other countries and cultures. The beautiful pictures alone are worth the book!

Thank you again to Sterling Publishing for sending this book by way! 

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