Book Review: Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles

I recently got a ebook review copy of Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles by Gaileen Runge from C&T Publishing.  I was pretty excited to see this.  Growing up my Dad was a big time puzzler.  There was always a puzzle book or two sitting on the kitchen table.  Nights after Dad was done milking cows he’d come in the house, watch Johnny Carson and puzzle.  The crossword puzzle in the TV Guide was his favorite with word search puzzles a close runner up.  I think every one of his children and grandchildren can remember helping him try to complete a puzzle….so I’ve got some puzzling genes in me.  That’s why this caught my eye.

This book has LOTS of different kinds of puzzles.  If you read the cover you can see all of the different types.

I would have loved to show you a couple of them so you could get a feel for the book but they don’t share ANY images online.  It makes it really hard for me to really give you an idea of what the book is like.  UGH.  I do know that some of you are puzzlers or have friends that are so I thought it might be good to share this anyway.

I do want to caution any of you who thought, this might be a fun guild activity to do a puzzle.  In all capital letters on the inside of the page it says, “ATTENTION COPY SHOPS:  Pages may be copied for personal use only.”

The book is available via Amazon by following this link or from C&T by following this link.

When writing this review I also discovered this book that is similar…This one appears to only have word searches.

Image result for Happy quilter work search

I was able to find an image of a puzzle from this book.  Here it is.

C&T is offering two puzzles from this book for free.  You can find them here.  If you’re looking for the whole book here’s an Amazon link and the C&T link.

I feel like I cheated you a bit in writing the review as there are no pictures available to show you and being it’s an ebook, it’s hard to take pictures too.  UGH….I did like the book and think it would be great for the quilter in your life…or for you if you’re a puzzler.  It’s also one of those things you can tell your kids you want for Mother’s Day so they feel like they got you something and you got something you could enjoy and no one broke their bank to buy it for you-and it’s the right color and it fits!!!  …..Just saying….I do that sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Happy Quilter Variety Puzzles”

  1. I LOVE seeing what you either buy at thrift stores, or repurpose to sell in your booth. You are living my dream. I just don’t have that great an eye and probably wouldn’t buy things that people actually want to buy. By the way, the four embroidery pieces that I bought at your auction arrived safe and sound and I’ll definitely show you whatever I decide to do with them.

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