Book Review: Chunky Knits

A guest post from Kayla:

I was initially excited to review Chunky Knits: 31 Projects for You and Your Home. The four designs featured on the cover are all things I would make for myself and play to my desire to challenge myself (cables and unique shaping) while still coming together quickly with chunky yarn.

I was a little disappointed when I looked through the book, however. Some things were just weird, like hoop earrings or knitted pearls. Made with a bulky yarn made them totally unappealing. The book also includes items like braided wall art (a cable in a frame), a knitted lampshade, and a knitted garter stitch necklace… all in bulky yarn.

Fortunately, tucked into the weirdness are some great designs I know I will make. The cabled boot cuffs are on my favorites list and will make great Christmas gifts for my fashionable friends. The bobble stitch cowl from the front cover and the cabled hat and mittens sets are things I would knit for myself and wear regularly.

Overall Chunky Knits: 31 Projects for You and Your Home is a nice book that I am glad I have, but it would be a better value with fewer “filler” patterns and more of what I love about chunky yarn: Quick gifts that are fun to make and that people actually want to wear.

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