Book Review: Buttermilk Basin’s Ornament Extravaganza

I know that I am “off-season” reviewing this now but hey if I show it to you now, you have plenty of time to get some of these AMAZING wool ornament made by the time Christmas rolls around next year.

The book I want to tell you about is Buttermilk Basin’s Ornament Extravaganza by Stacy West.  I got this for Christmas and just love it and can’t wait to make an ornament or two.

The book has 45 different ornaments in it.  That’s a deal to get all of those patterns for the price of a book.

I loved these right off the bat.  I do Winter decorating and these would be perfect.  If you have a crafty friend, these would be great to stitch up on a girl’s day or make for a gift exchange.

I like these too.  I think I have some ticking so could make them.

These are simple but would make a great gift tag.

I love these little… gingerbread folk.

Of course, I love the barn.

The Christmas trees are cute too.

The snowman caught my eye.  Again…I’m thinking Winter decorations.

I’m not a Santa girl but I LOVE these.  So-so cute.

I love that most of the themes come in threes.  They make such a nice display together when done in threes.

These caught my eye as I have a couple of these tins.  I should make these and display them with my tins.  Hmm.

The ones that had me freaking out and dying to stitch…these.  Check out these cute-cute sewing-themed snowmen.  I absolutely adore them and would have bought the book for them alone.  Aren’t they the cutest??

I have done wool things in the past but it’s been a while.  I have a box of wool but don’t know what colors I have.  I need to take an afternoon and get acquainted.  Oh, I’d love to stitch these.

I didn’t show you all of the ornaments.  If you are interested, you can find the book HERE.  There you can scroll through the pictures and see the ones I didn’t show.

Even more tempting…she has another book of ornaments.  You can find that one HERE.

Which ornaments tempted you the most?  Do share.

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Buttermilk Basin’s Ornament Extravaganza”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    You make me want the book, yarn and stuffing if necessary to make these. It is time to start them so they can be ready for the holidays. Where did you get the book?

  2. Oh my goodness! These are just adorable! It’s hard to choose which would tempt me the most! I love the ticking stockings, the barn and animals, and the sewing themed snowmen!! Sew cute! The other book is tempting as well! LOL

  3. Jo, thank you so much for sharing this book review! I love all of the ornaments!! I think there will be some ornament making in my future….and the timing of your post is perfect.
    Thanks again….

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