Book Review: Big Little Felt Universe

My adult daughters, Kelli and Kayla, have been thinking about making felt food for their kiddos. Both have been on a hunt for patterns or ideas for making the play food.

Here is something funny. One daughter talked to the other daughter the other day suggesting this book, Big Little Felt Universe by Jeanette Lim. The other daughter had just bought the same book. Kelli was so impressed with it that she brought it home to share with me…and now I’m sharing it with you. Here’s the book…

The book is split up into “chapters” or rather themes. This one is all about things to make in regards to grilling…a hamburger, hotdog, grill along with ketchup and mustard. So cute.

I love that it isn’t all “girly things”. There are tools and a tool belt.

…and there is a doctor’s kit. They were all so cute.

I ended up taking a picture of this one…It’s a tomato. I have some red wool and thought about making the tomato into a wool tomato pincushion. As you can see the instructions are really quite good.

There are 12 themes in the book with a total of 70 different pieces that you can make. It would be sure to keep you busy for a long time!

You can find the book HERE. The book is kind of expensive but it is also available as a “used book” option and that way it isn’t very expensive at all.

I really think some of the pieces could be made by kids as craft projects as well. There are just so many options for the book. If you are looking for gift ideas for kids, this book would be well worth the money with all of the different options.

I ended up going online to see if there were any other books by the author and there was one other. I ended up ordering this one. The title says there are over 60 things to make in this book. You can find it HERE.

I’ll have to let you know how this book is after it comes. If it’s like the other one, I know I’m going to love it!!

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Big Little Felt Universe”

  1. The items look like they would be fun for the kiddos. I looked at a sample of one of the books that came up and I went to the book site and it seemed that the projects were using needle felting, but I couldn’t tell if Kelli’s book was for that. Keep us posted when they start making these things – or you do!

  2. Attractive items but FELT ISN’T WASHABLE. You spend all the time and artistry to make the items, they get dirty, and what? You throw them away? Can the patterns be adapted to sturdier, washable fabric?

    1. If you go to and look under “Patterns” on the left side of her blog, you will see the washable fun items she (“LiEr”) has made over the years for her three girls to play with. She has drafted patterns and written instructions, and put them in her etsy shop. The patterns are on the expensive side, but they are well-written and full of beauty and fun. I’ve followed her for years, but never made any of these toys. Others have, and say they are great! Good Luck!

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