Book Review: Big Little Felt Fun

I recently told you that my daughter bought the book Big Little Felt Book. They were thinking about making felt food for their kiddos for Christmas. The book was awesome. I wrote a review of it HERE on the blog.

Well in writing that post, I realized that the author had another book and that one had felt food in it too. So I ordered it with the intention of sharing the book with them. The book is Big Little Felt Fun. You can find it HERE.

The book is so cute…

I looked online and saw that the book had a picnic set with sandwiches. It had french fries and pop too. It also had a cupcake set you can see below. I thought my daughter might like the patterns for those as well so I bought the book.

There are other sets with patterns too. This is the pet shop.

…and a dinosaur world. I love that the projects aren’t all girly. All of these boys would like to play with as well.

Another thing I loved about this book is that some of the items could be made from wool and would make wonderful decorative pieces in a home.

To top it off…the book even shows you how to make a felt sewing machine!

Even those spools of thread and the rotary cutter are made from felt. What a creative mind to have thought of that!!

I’ve already had a lot of fun just paging through it. I don’t know if I’ll ever make something from the book. I’ve been known to buy books like this and then donate them to my local library. That way I’ll have access to them…but just not taking space in my house. HA!!

I think these projects would be so fun for a mom and tweenage daughter to make…or a grandma to make.

I have the book sitting out and plan to share it with my daughters when they are home for Thanksgiving. I think it’s so cute!!

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