Book Club: Calling All Readers

Before I get to today’s post I am adding something here hoping one of you could help.

Blog reader Diane is looking for this panel.  She writes:
Hi Jo, If you ever happen to come across the Riley Blake Barnyard Friends Calf Panel, I am in need of one more. I made a quilt for a Home Ec teacher who retired and they raise cattle. Thank you, Diana Flint

Isn’t this so cute??  I just love it.  Does anyone have a panel they are willing to part with or do you know of a shop that might still have one?

I’m sure Diane would be happy to pay for and panel and for postage.  Here is Diane’s contact information.

Now to today’s post…

I know many of you who read the blog are also avid readers.  I know this because I get lots of comments from you all thanking me for book recommendations or sharing books that you recommend.

Today I have something fun.  Blog readers Jill wrote this…
I always love your book reviews, and now it’s time for me to promote one I think you would enjoy, written by my daughter, no less! It’s about a young woman and her father leaving Philadelphia in the late 1890s to homestead in Western Canada, in what is now Alberta and British Columbia. (I live in Alberta, as does Kate, the author) . She writes with a dedication to describing the land and its strengths, and how the main character, Dahlia (Dolly) develops her own strengths and learns who she is and what she wants in life. Her historical references and descriptions make you feel like you are in that time and era. The love of place is evident throughout the book, and the story develops with respect and love for the land and its people. She was especially respectful of the Haida Gwaii on Vancouver Island, checking her details with the local tribal historian. It is an easy read, everyone in my book club (retired Librarians and Language Arts teachers) gave it rave reviews. It is available on Amazon, or as an e-book.
The book is: And So I Roam, by Kate Bothner. I could send you a copy if you don’t want to order it.
Thanks! Jill in Calgary/Phoenix

I checked and the book is available on Amazon.

You can find it HERE.

The book came out in July of this year so there aren’t a lot of reviews.  The ones it does have are glowing.

Here is full synopsis:
In 1895, shunned by Philadelphian society and reeling from loss, Dahlia Day and her Papa start their lives anew as homesteaders on the Canadian Prairies. Woefully unprepared, they struggle to survive when faced with the harsh realities of scarcity and bitter winters. Their reversal of fortune reveals the joys to be found in a simple life, free from both stifling social rules and those who impose them.

When the demanding work of farm life no longer calms the anxiety that Dahlia has borne her whole life, she flees as she has always done. Joined by her childhood friend Fiona, Dahlia ventures further west in hopes of calming the restlessness within her. Set against the breathtaking landscape of Western Canada, And So I Roam follows Dahlia as she discovers that the hardest battle will always be the one she fights within herself.”

What do say?  Sounds like a good book doesn’t it?  I haven’t read a book in years…I listen to all of mine in audiobook form.  But, I’m going to try to read it.

My issue is always bifocals in bed.  I’m terrible at getting a book in the right spot to really be able to see the words.  But, I’m excited to give it a try and read this book.  How about you?  Are you in?

I would love for all of us to give it a read and then flood Amazon with reviews…honest reviews, good or bad.   Reviews really help an author and I think it would be great to help a blog reader’s daughter.

I hope you will join us and read along.  You can find the book HERE.  If you are a Kindle Unlimited user, the book was available for free at the writing of this blog post.

How about we all grab the book and get back together on October 1st for a review and chat about what we thought about the book?  I’m off to get a copy.  Again, you can find it HERE.

16 thoughts on “Book Club: Calling All Readers”

  1. This book sounds interesting and I downloaded it (Kindle unlimited) for free. Jo, instead of wearing your bifocals to read, maybe try using your glasses you bought for stitching. Just a suggestion but might not work for you.

  2. Found the cow panel here on etsy

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I’m in I’ll order it on Amazon. I like hardcopy not my computer or phone. I may have to go to audio eventually, but not till I have to.

  4. The nice thing about reading on a kindle or other device is that you can enlarge the print. My husband has the print VERY large. This book is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you haven’t trie kindle unlimited it is a good deal if you read a lot.

  5. About the cow panel – it is so neat and quite realistic looking!
    It’s so nice that Suzanne found it on Etsy.
    The book sounds good too.

  6. Jo, I am thrilled beyond belief that you have chosen Kate’s book to read with others. Thank you doesn’t seem an adequate way to express how I feel that you posted about it. Many thanks from the mom of an author *and she’s already begun one about the Black Plague in 1300s England!). Jill, still in Calgary till I leave for Arizona in late September

  7. IMHO, the best place to find hard-to-find sewing things you want, be it specific feet for your model vintage sewing machine, out-of-print fabrics, back issues of magazines, etc., is the Sew Its For Sale group. It’s a great community for just the sort of search Diane asked of your readers. Join here:

  8. When I read in bed (or sometimes anywhere) I often wear my Magni Clips that I use for stitching with my progressive glasses.

  9. I’m in on the book, Northern Neighbors as we call them in our local region of NW WA has me intrigued! Book still free through my Kindle Unlimited so grabbed it that way. Living full time in an RV makes for storage of books challenging, I’ve become quite adept at reading using my Kindle! See you in October to discuss the book, I’ll review it prior to that so I don’t forget to.

  10. With deepest gratitude to you, Jo, and all who follow your blog, for choosing to read my first novel! “And So I Roam” was a whole lot of fun to write, and my sincerest hope is that someone picks up my book and feels — for even the briefest moment– a little less alone.
    My Mom casually mentioned that she had suggested my book to you, and I woke up on Tuesday to a huge bump in sales, as well as pages read on kindle unlimited. It’s been quite a thrill for this Prairie girl!
    May my story take you somewhere beautiful for one hour at a time.
    Thank you,
    Kate Bothner

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