Bonnie K Hunter…

I was going to uplaod pictures to show you all the fun things we have been doing here in Storm Lake, Iowa, seeing Bonnie Hunter..but I forgot my camera cord…UGH.  THe pictures are going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Yestereday was the Pineapple Blossom workshop.  My daughter Kelli got 36 blocks sewn….me, 30 blocks.  B0th of us will be ready to cut sashing and put the quilt together once we are home.  Today we are working on My Blue Heaven…Mine in red…Kelli’s in all scraps of all colors.  I can’t wait to see her’s.

Kelli and I both thought we were a little obsessive to travel this far to see Bonnie but there are people who have traveled further.  Everyone has alwas said, if Bonnie comes to area to go…they are so right. 

Kelli and I both volunteered to hold Bonnie’s quilts for the trunk show….WOW is all I can say….WOW.  If you even remotely liked them in the books, in person they are even better.

We are off to go to class. Have a great day, I know we will!!

11 thoughts on “Bonnie K Hunter…”

  1. I am so glad you are having a great time with Bonnie. She is so warm and genrous. Please tell her hello for me :o)

    Nancy – the Sundae Quilter

  2. With all you have had going on this week you deserved a nice break like this. Sounds like you are enjoying your time doing the things you love.

  3. so jealous! what a wonderful mother daughter day! I think I am going to start her crabapples quilt! I just loved yours!

  4. Mary Jo Jones

    Hi Jo! I really enjoyed sitting in front of you and your daughter yesterday in Storm Lake…so nice to see a Mother-daughter team that was having so much fun! What a wonderful experience with Bonnie…she certainly was worth traveling any distance to see! Hope you had just as much fun on Saturday…looking forward to seeing the results on your blog, Happy quilting…Mary Jo

  5. Jo…I tried to send some pictures to your email on your page about you but they were returned. If you want them please email me and I will send some to you.

  6. Teresa in Music City

    You are so right! A friend and I drove 2 hours to attend a Bonnie workshop because it was the closest she was going to get to us for a couple years and we just couldn’t wait that long! And, yes, it was well worth it! Glad you are having fun – can’t wait to see the pictures!

  7. I visited a quilt guild about 50 miles away to hear Bonnie speak a few weeks ago. I tried to be a quilt holder, but other ladies kept jumping up in front of me, lol. So glad you and DD had a great time!

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