Bonnie Challenge Update

How are you doing on you Bonnie Challenge quilt??  If you haven’t heard some of us are getting together and working to complete a Bonnie Hunter quilt before the new big mystery quilt get under way at Thanksgiving time.

Despite my busy week finishing up charity quilts, I managed to get quite a bit done.  I am working on “Stars Over Shallotte”.  I have 26 of the 28 needed blocks finished.


(Don’t you love my ironing board cover??  NOT!!)

I already have the setting fabric picked out along with border and binding fabric so I am hoping by next week I might be pretty close to having a finished top!!  I never thought I would be that far along.  All of you are great motivators for me to keep sewing.



Today I am thankful for weekends.  Even though I work at home I still have a great appreciation for weekends.  We typically are more at ease and meals are simpler.  We get a chance to break away for the working part of our lives and appreciate time away or time with each other just a bit more.  Today I am getting caught up on a little cleaning and taking some time on sewing my Bonnie Challenge Project.

10 thoughts on “Bonnie Challenge Update

  1. Daisy C

    Where is the blog about the new house and all the fixing you are doing? I didn’t save that info and can’t remember the approximate date you started it. Thanks. Dais

  2. Cathy K

    I’ve gotten Easy Street quilted and off the long arm and binding is picked out, just have to put it on now. Lazy Sunday has the sashing started to be put on. Progress is good.

  3. Jo

    Just started quilting Lazy Sunday. Easy Street is waiting to be quilted. But, I do hwve my fsnrics gathered for the jext mystery. I love your Stars over Shalotte!

  4. Sandi

    Hi Jo,
    I have about 1 1/2 more rows to quilt on Easy Street. I’m doing it on my dsm but am hoping to have the quilting finished by Monday. The binding is ready so that won’t take me long to do.

  5. Jill Klop

    I’m working on two of the Scrappy Mountains Majesty quilts at the same time! I could show one, but I don’t know how to post a picture. I’m not a blogger. I bought a border but I don’t like it…long story. I’m going to shop today and hope to get the borders on so I can quilt it!

  6. Nell

    Trimmed string blocks last night and laid out Fair and Square. . .4 rows left to sew together and then can sew the two halves. Cleaning a bit this morning though, as my mom is maybe on her way for a weekend visit. Bathroom and living room done. Kitchen and dining left to do. Bedding is in the washing machine. Sooner I am done cleaning, the sooner I get get back to putting that top together. YEEHAW!!!

  7. Terry Johnson

    Jo, you are amazing. Nell and you have provided great inspiration to rest of us. I am working on more blocks today. You are not alone, my ironing board cover is awful too. Maybe we should do an ironing board cover project after the first of the year?

  8. Andee in AZ

    Since I got my Moth in a Window top together, I decided to go ahead and get going on Floribunda! Not sure I will get this whole top done by the start of Celtic Solstice, but I am going to try! :)


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