Bonnie Challenge Update

If you are looking for the Moda Bake Shop project and giveaway, find it HERE.

Here we are week three of the challenge to finish up a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern before the new mystery begins.  If you missed this and want to join us, here’s a link to the info. (If you missed the challenge, read about it here)

How are you doing on your project??

Me, I’m happy with my progress.  You might remember that I had sewn one step of the quilt all wrong.  Rather than rip it all out I decided to re-invent the block…Not  exactly -more like be satisfied that mine won’t be like everyone else’s.


In the end, I really don’t think someone who doesn’t know anything about quilting would even notice the difference.  I sure don’t mind.

This is the week’s progress.  Two rows together and many more blocks ready and waiting to we sewn.

Thanks to everyone who’s playing along, you keep me on task!!

14 thoughts on “Bonnie Challenge Update”

  1. Julie from Missouri

    I, too, am working like crazy to get Solstice done before Grand Illusion starts. Yours looks great in spite of a wrong turn (or two?). Hopefully my quilt top will be done by that time. I hope it’s not my grand illusion that I’ll actually get Solstice done by then!! LOL

  2. De-boned shirts over the weekend, only have 100 9 patches or less to make for Tumalo Trail. My goal is to have dark shirts deboned and everything cut before retreat weekend on the 14th of Nov. I have warned the husband. . . I am going to need to give this every spare second I have to meet the Black Friday goal.
    Trying to get some graduation quilt pieces cut as well to use as L& E’s. So glad you are making progress on Celtic Solstice!

  3. MaryA from SoCal

    Working feverishly on the final borders of Talking Turkey. It’s looking great and will be on my bed by Dec 1 just in time for the holidays. Next on my list is CS. I like your progress and am also switching the layout of a few blocks to make the quilt more interesting. Good luck getting it finished

  4. Thanks Jo, you Inspired me to finish up my Celtic solstice too. Mine needed quilting and binding. Thanks for showing us your progress. And I also mixed up some blocks on mine……my star blocks are turned every which way and my trail of green and orange on the four-patches isn’t right. I LOVE it anyway. And best of all it’s done!

  5. jo, i love your quilt! it’s looking beautiful. i wish my mistakes looked that good. i am excited for you and your house

  6. I tried to link up and I thought it completed but it’s not showing up so I’ll just say I’m back on with Quiltville Easy Street Mystery from 2012. I’m almost finished with clue 3 and I have more than half of the pieces for part 4. I’ve cut all the green squares so if all goes well I’ll make my personal deadline of the week before Thanksgiving to have the top finished. I’m feeling excited.

  7. Yup Jo, it’s beautiful, but that top left hand block needs to be rotated. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!

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