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Well today is the last day of the Bonnie Challenge.  For the last few weeks a bunch of sewed and sewed on our Bonnie Hunter UFO projects hoping to get one finished before the new mystery started yesterday.

With the holiday this week, the kiddos home, a deadline project and working on charity quilts, I haven’t been able to accomplish a lot on my UFO challenge.  I did finish up all the blocks for Smith Mountain Morning and get all of the outer triangles cut out.  Mine is going to be bigger so that meant more blocks.  I am  not going to pack this away again, but I am going to set it aside.  If I get a break in between projects, I’ll pick it back up again.


I have enjoyed sewing along with all of you.  Having the challenge on the blog really made me focus and work hard towards a finish.

I did get a couple pictures sent to me by blog reader Cathy that I offered to share…

Here is her Lazy Sunday…Awesome right?!?!


I think this is one of my favorite Lazy Sunday’s ever.

Here is Easy Street with pillowcases that match, also by Cathy.

Awesome job Cathy…

14 thoughts on “Bonnie Challenge Update”

  1. I bought backing fabric for my 3″ spools quilt and have plans to quilt it on the 10th. Just have to figure out what I’m going to quilt. I did two quilts last month with a borrowed pantograph and enjoyed the process more than I thought I would, so I think I’m going to check out what’s available where I rent time.

  2. I got the top of Sister’s Nine Patch finished, but need to brave the crowds to get batting and backing material to quilt it. I also worked ahead and finished my Quilt Square Quilt Along top, so I wouldn’t be distracted from the Quiltville mystery quilt :)

  3. I got my Boxy Stars top finished….probably been 2 years since I worked on it last. It’s in line to be quilted next. I’m so glad the challenge was out there to push me along.

  4. I made no progress on the rows of Cathedral Stars this week. But since I set my goal at just finishing the blocks, I’m a winner! Last night I cut the neutral “tri” units for Celtic Solstice. Today I will cut the blue “recs” and see how many I can get done. I was glad to see in Bonnie’s photos that she’s no more accurate on those blasted things than I am. Nevertheless, the overall effect of those spikey star points definitely makes the effort worthwhile.

  5. Nothing else done on Carolina Christmas this week. I had to put my sewing stuff away to get ready for Thanksgiving. My dining room table is also my cutting table.

  6. Unfortunately I didn’t get Easy Street finished and I’ve worked on it just about every night since you started the challenge. The good news is, I should be finished tucking threads by Monday night and can then tack the binding down.

  7. I’ve been working on my Farmer’s Wife quilt. I’ve had the blocks done for about a year and as a result of your post it’s now half a quilt. I have my spool blocks but I’m saving them for Bonnie’s next book I have made about 200 of those suckers so I hope that’s enough! Thanks for the little “push” to get working on it. Now I have about 10 tops that need to be quilted but I have the “Wonderful Grand Quilter for that” ……………..

  8. Well dangit!!! This time of year is always so busy, and I had TWO baby quilts that had to be done for gifting at Thanksgiving, so I never got to touch my Bonnie UFO :( I’m looking forward to this year’s mystery though. Thanks Jo for hosting this challenge – maybe I’ll be better prepared next time :*)

  9. Thanks for sharing Cathy quilt, I love it. Is lazy Sundays the name of the pattern. I would love to have it.i drooled over that border. It’s great. I really love your blog with you quilting and sharing family food and sewing with us. Your a blessing to me.

  10. I have been working on Orca Bay from two years ago. I haven’t made a lot of progress but I will keep sewing away at it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  11. I linked up, but my progress is at a standstill until I make more of the Border units. It would have been nice to make it as I went along like Bonnie has us do with the Mystery. Thanks for cheering us on to finish something before the New Mystery Started.

  12. Fair & Square made it onto the quilt machine! I auditioned threads, I picked a pattern. I started quilting it. I got it 1/3 of the way quilted and decided that the variegated thread I used, fought the busy-ness of the piecing. So Fair & Square came off the quilt machine to be ripped out. My goal was to have it all done before the mystery started, so I didn’t quite make it. . .BUT all of my pieces for Step 1 are cut and 50 blocks are sewn and dogears trimmed! :)

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