Bonnie Challenge Update

Counting down to Bonnie Hunter’s mystery several of us are working to finish up a Bonnie Hunter UFO.  Feel free to join us and link up your quilt or leave a comment letting us know what kind of progress you are making.

Did you see my Friday Finish??  It was my Stars over Shallotte quilt that I have been working on as part of the challenge.  I never in a million years thought I would get it finished.  I think it had been so long since I really worked on a “for me” project that I was just so excited and squeezed in some time or stayed up late a couple nights…plus I had a whole Saturday to work on only it.


So where does that leave me in the challenge…why grabbing another Bonnie UFO to see if I can possibly get this one further along.  Even if I don’t finish it, I can at least get it a little further along.

I opened the box to Smith Mountain Morning.  It was so packed that it almost came flying out at me like a jack in the box.

I have only worked on this quilt for one day…the day of the retreat in Moline, Illinois two years ago!  Just by looking at the box I can tell I sewed right up until the last minute and then I just threw what I had into the box.  It looks like I have some sorting and counting to do before I can even attempt to know what I have going on.  I won’t get this one finished before Bonnie’s new mystery starts but I am going to get the box sorted out and maybe just maybe I could at least get the star blocks done.

From the last I heard from my friend Nell (who started the whole challenge idea) she’s making great progress…so how are you doing?  Stop back on Monday and I’ll give you a little progress report.

Each day leading up to Thanksgiving I write about something I am thankful for.  Today’s thankful note is going to be in a separate post so check back later today to see it.

12 thoughts on “Bonnie Challenge Update”

  1. I have Jamestown Landing on the quilting frame and have begun to assemble Basket-Weave Strings after finishing the string blocks while on a two-week road trip.

  2. I have only two blocks done this week on my Nine In The Middle. So last count is eight to go out of my 15. Progress is moving forward.

  3. Hey Jo…..I’m all done with my Jamestown Landing quilt and shipped it off to Michelle for quilting. She will most likely have it done and back to me this month but I’m not expecting it to be bound before we start the mystery…..BUT, I’m not worried any more that I’ll finish. The part that held me up was deciding on a border. Once I figured that out it was all good.

    I can’t wait to start the new mystery….

  4. I am working on selecting border fabric for my star struck quilt top I just completed. I’m determined to get it all figured out and sewn on before 11/29. Thanks for the incentive.

  5. I’ve got my Easy Street about 1/3 bound – and I’m working on the 2 outside borders of Lazy Sunday – Gonna have both of these done by then end of this coming week! YEA!

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  7. Your quilt is beautiful!

    I have finally completed the center portion of Old Tobacco Road and have made 40 of the 94 flying geese for the border. Beyond something unexpected, I am on track to finish by Thanksgiving.

  8. I’ve got the pieced part of the top done for my Smith Mountain Morning done in red, white and blue. I’m going to add a plain border and then send it to my friend Michelle to quilt for me. I love this quilt! I don’t have any other unfinished Bonnie patterns, but I’m planning a scrappy Scrappy Mountains. I haven’t started it yet. I’m pretty sure I’ll do the mystery this year.

  9. I am still working on two Scrappy Mountains Majesty quilts. It’s been a long week. I’m embarrassed to say that all I’ve accomplished is to buy batting! I had bought backing only to discover that it is a directional print. I didn’t buy enough. Have to find something to add to the sides. I hope to show more progress next week!

  10. Fun to see all the people making Bonnie Quilts here. I saw your finish but am glad to see it again. Pretty colors and I like the border. I think I finally figured out the Borders for my Midnight Flight. Just need help deciding which color to put inside by the Inner border. Thanks for helping everyone.

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