Bonnie Challenge 2013

On Wednesday Nell and I challenged you all to pull out one of you Bonnie projects whether it be a UFO or new project and work really hard on it until the new mystery comes out at Thanksgiving.  If you missed that blog entry, you can read it here.

The plan is to have a linky party each Saturday so you can link up and show your progress.  If you’re a non blogger you can leave a comment in the comment section.

Wednesday I pulled out all of my projects and did a lot of debating.  Which one did I want to do….I honestly would LOVE to dive head first into Pineapple Crazy but I know that is a project I can’t set aside very easily and I will need to as I still have a couple things on my burner that need attention.

I finally settled on….Stars Over Shallotte.  It’s from Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green.

Everything is cut out except the setting pieces and borders.  I don’t have anything planned for that yet either.

I have this BIG container of half square triangles that need some trimming.  I think the pattern said 16 are needed per block and there are 28 full blocks.  That’s 448 that need to be trimmed not counting the ones for the half blocks.   These are all left overs from when I made Bonnie’s Hand Me Downs quilt.


I am not hopeful that I’ll get it finished by Thanksgiving but I will give it a try.

If you need some inspiration on a project to try, I’ve made many…you can see some here.

How about you??  Did you pick a project?  Are you playing along?  I know Nell (who started this all) has her blocks for Fair and Square all ready to be assembled.  Ready…Set…GO!!  I’ll see you all back here next Saturday where you can show off your progress!!

20 thoughts on “Bonnie Challenge 2013”

  1. I can certainly commit to finishing up Lazy Sunday. It just needs to be quilted and bound. That’s about all I can achieve as I’m packing up my house and moving to another state next week!

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  3. Great idea! I am working on Easy Street–I would at least like to get all the components made before the new mystery starts. So far, I finished part 1 last week, and part 6 this week–if I finish one step a week I think I’ll get there.

  4. Easy Street is the one for me. I have sorted and stacked what I had done. Stopped in the middle of step 3. Hope to finish at least all the components and be organized with that.

  5. I’m going to work on Orca Bay.
    I have the first 10 rows put together. Now I have to make the rest of the Ohio stars to complete the top. All the parts are made, so I’m hoping to have it complete bby the time the new one starts.

  6. I’m working on Lazy Sunday. I’ve decided to enlarge the size so I’ve already figured out what I need for 16 more blocks. Since I don’t blog can I email pics of my progress to you Jo to share?

  7. I’m working on Easy Street and am quilting it on my dsm. I started the 6th row. Can’t wait to get it finished as I really want to do some piecing.

  8. I have fabric for an Easy Street for my almost-DIL that I want to actually get started on. It will help gear me up for doing Bonnie’s next mystery actually on time!

  9. I’m very close to a top for Smith Mountain Morning in red, white, blue and gold. I just need a border and I’ll have a flimsy. I also do a blog post, which may be tougher. I haven’t posted in months! (Perhaps this will get me back to blogging.)

  10. Lynne in Hawaii

    I am working on a scrappy trip. Have too many distractions at times. I have 4 blocks made and 5 more in process. I haven’t yet decided how big I’ll make it yet. A work in progress for sure.

  11. I am working on several Bonnie quilts. Crisscross Applesauce, Tumalo Trail and the Shirttail quilt that I started in Bonnie’s class in CO last weekend. Won’t get them finished before the mystery starts, but will try to get my Chunky Churndash quilted before the end of November.

  12. I am going to try to complete my Old Tobacco Road. I have several others of Bonnie’s designs in the works, but think OTR will be the easiest to complete before Thanksgiving. IF I do complete it, I’ll work on Nine in the Middle. It needs a lot of work before it’s done.

  13. I started Lazy Sunday but stuck on the flying geese in step number four I think. I will be pulling it out and trying it again. Hope to finish long before thanksgiving.

  14. Claire McKiernan

    I’m working on the last mystery, Easy Street. I moved in February and lost the last two clues, but have them now and hope to have it finished in time for the new one. I got my paint chips today!

  15. All parts for Fair and Square’s pieced border sewn! Now to find time to lay it all out and sew it all together! School’s out early on Thursday for an away football playoffs game. . . so, guess who’s going to sew????

  16. Hi Jo! I haven’t commented in ages, but faithfully keep reading. This is such a great idea, and what a hoot that Bonnie commented! I checked out all of the bloggers that commented – very fun to see. I’m hoping to get my borders on Blue Ridge Beauty, and keep plugging away on my cheddar bowties. I also am assembling the rows for Jamestown Landing. One good week of sewing would get it all done, but hopefully before Thanksgiving I can pull it off.

  17. I’ll be working on finishing up my Amish Beauties, a rendition of Bonnie’s Jared Takes a Wife from a class taken with her this past spring. I only did 9 of the blocks for a small wall quilt, cut the block size in half to 6-1/2″ unfinished, and went with all bright solids on a black background. I’ve linked up a photo so you can see that I need to finish the border treatment and quilt it. Hoping I can finish it up by Thanksgiving! Thanks for the challenge Jo – that seems to motivate me better than anything else :*) I hope to get a blog post up by next Saturday.

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