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It’s that time again.  Wow, first Saturdays of the month roll around so quickly.  It’s Block of the Month Challenge day.

Can I admit out loud that sewing on this is not my favorite?  I think some of you are in the same boat as me….we want the quilt finished but don’t necessarily want to be the one that sews it.  This month, my block was a “do-zee”.

I had to make one 12″ and one 18″ block but being I’m sewing Kelli’s too, I had to make two of each.  Here’s the block…

pretty innocent looking right…WRONG!

Look at this.  Who designs a block like this.  That center is inset and this is the piece I need to inset it with.  See the crazy point on the right???   WHAT???  UGH.

I can do an inset block but this is a little ridiculous.

So to pacify myself I sewed on some of my little churn dash blocks as leaders and enders…okay I admit it, the BOM was actually the leader and ender.  Sometimes a girl has to do what they have to do to get the job done and I liked my churn dash blocks WAY better than the BOM.

I finished the two 12″ blocks.  Not perfect but I don’t care to stress myself over perfection.  Done is good enough.  The blocks doesn’t lay perfectly but I’ll fix that when I machine quilt it.  I’ll run the quilting machine over that very spot with the little pucker in the center and it won’t be recognizable.

How do I know it won’t be recognizable?  EXPERIENCE.  I’ve done it before.  (Shh…don’t tell!)

I went on and finished the 18″ blocks…here’s the photo to prove it.  (the lighting is goofy.  Sorry.)

It’s really not terrible sewing on this. I’m just in a mood. I will be so glad to have this quilt done though. One month at time I can handle this. See you back here on April 7th. I’m thinking about tackling the big center medallion. I know I’m going to get busy as the weather gets nicer and it would be nice to have that bigger harder part finished.

7 thoughts on “BOM Challenge”

  1. I pulled out boxes of projects yesterday and there were some pleasant surprises!! But one box contained the pieces to a queen sized quilt that I double cut way back and the original quilt is done and gone nine years ago!!! The second quilt was short some squares and fortunately the extra fabric was there in the box so got those cut and now I’ll get the second one made! The sad realization this morning is I’m ready to start embroidering a Christmas quilt (I’m going to a retreat this weekend!) and I can’t find the pattern disk….grrrrrr! Gain one project and lose another!!

  2. There are designers that are a whole lot more fun even when the patterns can get complicated (Lori Smith or Lori Holt for example). Even a BH pattern.

    I made that quilt I think and it was not fun. The blocks get harder and harder as the months go along and I finally hit a wall and said I am making a different one. Also, I did not make all the triangles around the blocks for one month but used a solid piece of fabric.

    The quilt is done and not one of my favorites probably due to the pattern and issues.

  3. “okay I admit it, the BOM was actually the leader and ender”. Sentences like this are why I just love reading your blog. Keeping it real and making us smile—thanks, Jo! ❤️

  4. This explains why I’ve recently cut out five kits for charity quilts. I’m avoiding my BOM once again! :) I am happy, though, that you reminded me I should just do it. I’m overthinking it and making way too many mistakes on it. In fact, I think I’ll make a couple of the fixes today so I feel better about it. Wish me luck!

  5. Holy cow! I lost track of time. . .Mine has not moved since being cut out. Guess who will be pushing pieces through HARD in March?

  6. I love reading your blog especially that you speak up & do keep it real! Your BOMs are great, love the fabrics/colors but not sure I would want to make! Admire the you are participating especially 2X!

  7. Jo, the finished block design looks good and I love your fabrics. I am sure, as ever, you will make a wonderful job of the quilt when it is eventually finished. Love your blog and particularly the homely feel it gives me. My husband and daughter look at me with a quizzical eye when I mention “my friends Jo and Kelly”.

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