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I finished my last month blocks…..

I was a really good girl this month.  I did my big blocks early in the month….I’ve told you all time and again how much I don’t like the block of the month.  I told myself that maybe if I didn’t wait for the last minute to do the block, maybe I’d do better with it….so I did the 18″ ones early on.

I did however wait until last week to do the smaller ones.

Did you see this??

When Kelli was home last we laid all of the blocks out that we had finished.  I was hoping that it might get Kelli a little more enthused.  (I didn’t work)  But I got a little more excited. (admittedly, mostly to see it closer to done)

Kelli has the big medallion for the center and she’s working on it.  With my finishing these last blocks, they fill in the other holes….so it’s border time.

This is the border block.  I hate to be mean or critical BUT…I’m going to show another reason why I think this BOM was SO poorly done.  Look at the pattern picture.  See the yellow?  That is actually the cream fabric on the upper left.  This has happened time and time again on this BOM.  I am always second guessing and trying to find the “missing” fabric.  Actually the fabric is never missing….it is colored wrong.  Frustrating for sure.
But I’m done complaining…I have this pile of half square triangles to tackle this month…and look.  They are already cut out.

From there my plan is to start sewing the blocks together.  I can sew the upper rows together, the bottom two rows together and the sides around the medallion.  Once Kelli gets the medallion done, I can whip the top together.  Then we can start on the borders.

I am no a fan of how the borders are constructed.  They are made with blocks at each corner rather than how borders are typically done adding a border at a time.

Image result for civil war bom People have said we need to do it like the instructions but I think I’m going out on a limb and doing it the old fashion way.  People say that getting the triangles to all fit is hard.  Well…I’ve added triangle borders LOTS of times and have always been able to do it.  We’ll see.

See you next month!! I’m hoping to be closer to a top. I’ve told myself if I don’t tackle this before Thanksgiving break, that’s what I have to do then. I’d hate to waste my break on sewing an old project….so GO JO GO!!!

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  1. I finished this BOM, Civil War Tribute, about a year ago and it has been added to my “to be quilted” pile. I bought it as a kit and spent A LOT of $ on it. I was determined to finish it even though my taste in fabric has changed and I’m not that into Civil War repro fabric any more. I personally thought it went together quite well. I just finished the CRAFTSY 2017 BOM. I think it was one of the most poorly written patterns ever so I know how you feel about Civil War Tribute. I’m not sure I want to waste fabric on a backing and waste my time quilting the CRAFTSY quilt. Hopefully we will both see our quilts through to completion.

  2. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    I am very proud of you Jo as I remember the first of the year as you set this goal. I can’t believe it is November and you are nearing the finish line! I did two blocks of the month that I regretted immediately. One was the Farmer’s wife and required all of Marti Mitchell’s templates. I think I did one block. So I just cut up all the fabrics for another quilt that I want to do instead with bigger blocks. The other was Stitcher’s Garden. There was so little instruction presented with each block which required using a different machine foot, I never did the first one. Ended up making a baby quilt out of some of it and will use the rest. Did me in for BOM’s. I have another Ripples and Reflections that is nearly finished and had for about 6 years. After that is done, no more BOM’s. I’d rather Do Bonnie’s mysteries. Carol

  3. You have shown such persistence, Jo. I admire that in a quilter and need to work on this myself. Thank you for the inspiration. Again!

  4. The quilt is going to be beautiful when it’s completed. Your persistence has inspired me to finish my “Aunt Grace Baskets of Scraps” BOM by Fat Quarter Shop. I started it then quickly lost steam so I’m setting my goal for January 1 to complete the top. I think we all have projects that we lose interest in but there is so much money tied up we can’t just let it go. One of the many reasons I like your blog is because you “keep it real”!!!!

  5. I bought the pattern and made the quilt in my own fabric choices, I will send you a picture of it once my husband gets out of bed!

  6. Congrats on sticking with it Jo! It will be a beautiful quilt once you finish it! Thanks for posting about your BOM struggles. I have been tempted several times to start one but won’t after seeing your struggles!

  7. My frustration with that block of the month was that I didn’t know what size things were meant to be so that I could check my sizes as I went.

    I didn’t bother with the triangle border. Well, it’s my quilt and I can make it the way I want!

  8. You kept me on track with a BOM I had that I purchased in about 1996 or ’97. Each month had two blocks except this month and December, so I will have 20 blocks that are 10 inch finished. I have got to come up with a way to set them so I can get to the top stage. Then they can join the waiting list to be quilted. Of course, I have worked on other things during this time. One is a Row by Row from 2016. Once I get through all the BOMs I have stashed, I will not be buying any more. I have too many other quilts I want to make that I can use my fabric hoard for. Love you Civil War blocks, they’ll be a beautiful quilt.

  9. Jo, just a gentle reminder that Thanksgiving weekend is when Bonnie Hunter reveals her first clue for the mystery quilt. So maybe that will give you inspiration to finish this before Thanksgiving. I think it’s going to be a lovely quilt once it is done. I thoroughly enjoyed my first three or four BOMs from a LQS. With the next three or four BOMs life got in the way in the fall and that is as far as they are finished in sacks somewhere in my sewing room. And I agree with the comment above about you keeping it real Jo. I appreciate that about your blog too.

  10. I commend you Jo, for sticking to this. I bought a BOM from Canada years ago that I still haven’t finished because its in metric sizes and I can’t convert the paper pieced parts of it to our system so i can finish it. Its beautiful, but so frustrating to try and finish it. I take it out periodically and keep trying. Should not have purchased it in the first place, but it never entered my head that they use the metric system.

  11. I know another quilter who made this quilt and it was beautiful when completed. She gave me the pattern since she was done with it. I was pulling fabrics from my stash to make and was trying to follow the coloring on the instructions. I got the medallion and some blocks all around done and didn’t like! I stopped before I wasted anymore of my fabrics on this. Mine was looking way different than the samples and my friends quilt looked probably because the coloring was all wrong. I totally understand your frustration!!

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