Blueberry Muffins

While I was on my low-iodine diet for my thyroid cancer testing, eating was a bit challenging.  I had to modify recipes…or find recipes that fit my needs.  I ended up finding a blueberry muffin recipe in the low iodine cookbook which can be found online here.  The book is pretty good in some instances but not in others.  Sometimes it says things like this….

Bahahahahaa!  There is no “bagel store” in our area!

I did find this muffin recipe in the book though….

…I wasn’t thrilled with how they looked as I was making them but oh my, they are delicious.

I happened to be watching Carver on the day I made them.  Kalissa stopped by to pick him up.  Carver ate two muffins and so did Kalissa.  Kalissa said they were better than my more normal recipe-which is really good.  She commented that it was awesome being they were “healthier”.  I don’t know anything about healthy….the milk was dropped and egg whites only were used…and no butter.  I never know if that translates into “healthier” or not.  I guess it’s all a personal choice.

I do know this…diet or no diet, they were excellent….so I have them hiding along with my low iodine bread in the laundry room…goodness knows I’m the only one who will go in there!!  They are safe.

These are worth a try, diet or not.  Give them a try and tell me what you think!

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