Blueberry Jam and a Pretty

Yesterday, I made two batches of blueberry jam.  I had never had blueberry jam so I was skeptical but…no worry.  One jar is already gone.  I used a recipe from Pick Your Own.  If you haven’t checked their website out, it’s great for canning and for ideas on using garden produce.


Check out the lids…aren’t they cute?


Awhile ago I had made peach jam.   The lids were pre-printed with a red gingham pattern.  They were so cute.  That got me thinking…I wonder if the AccuQuilt circle die is the same size?


After a little investigation I figured out that the 3″ die is just a little bigger than the small lids.  I laid it on top and put the ring on…


and I had cute little fabric cover lids.


With a little more investigation, I determined that  the four inch circle on the Dresden Plate die will work for the wide mouth lids.

Adding the little fabric on top makes the jar of jam just a little more festive and perfect for gift giving.

Make sure to stop back tomorrow…I have a little surprise for you.

6 thoughts on “Blueberry Jam and a Pretty”

  1. Yumm… blueberry jam. I received a gift of a jar from a classmate in a long-arm quilt class about a month ago. I won’t let anyone else in the house touch it. Oooh, oooh, I bet the special surprise is a jar of jam!

  2. Another reason to go for the Accuquilt system. I have been mulling it over wondering if I will really use it alot!! It isn’t going to take much more to convince me. The jam looks yummy!!!


  3. I don’t eat too much jam but blueberry sounds good. Love the added touch on the lids. I just want to know though, how do you get so much done? I didn’t get a jar of anything made this year and I had great plans. I do have a recipe for Chili Sauce that uses canned tomatoes so I can make some this winter.

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