Blue Skies is FINISHED!!

My roll is still going.  I have another UFO finished.  I am so happy.  I’ve finished a UFO for several Fridays in a row.  So far I’ve done Santa Fe String Star, Wonky Wishes, En Providence, Pfeffernuse, Talkin’ Turkey and now Blue Skies!!  WOW!!  That is a roll.  I still have more so stay tuned and see if I can get another one done next week.

Anyway, back to Blue Skies….Here it is!!


I know, I know…you want to see it laying out flat right?  Here it is.


The quilt is called Blue Skies.  The pattern for it can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  It’s an awesome book and definitely my favorite of all of her books.  Several of the quilts I’ve recently finished have been from that book.

Here’s a peak at the quilting….This is the same pattern I do all the time.  I’d like to say I’m in a rut because I do use this free motion edge to edge design all the time but the truth is, I love it and it’s easy for me!


When I was working on this earlier this week I chuckled to myself wishing we’d get some blue skies.  We’ve had lots of rain the previous week.  So much so that Hubby isn’t getting the farming done.  I was hoping for Blue Skies and so was he!!


This is what I ended up picking for a binding….It’s a dark blue.  It doesn’t show up the best on the grass.


The backing came from Whittles Fabrics.  I saw it on the clearance one day when I was shopping online.  I knew this quilt was coming up on my UFO project list so thought I would buy some.


How often do you find a blue and yellow plaid.  It was perfect for this quilt.


I snapped a bunch of pictures, set up the quilt and then went in the house to get Ruby to snap a couple more pictures.   I got her outside and immediately she sat exactly where I wanted her to sit all with not prompting (unless you count the treat in my hand).  Just then a noise went off in the distance that sounded like a gun shot.  Ruby is deathly afraid of anything that sounds like a gun- including fireworks.


She could not sit still.  She was so upset.


I tried to get her focused back on the treat…


I finally snapped this one and sent her in the house…


I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make a blue and yellow quilt.  In fact, it was on my bucket list of quilts to make and now…it’s finished.

So I asked Hubby what he thought about this one…his reply, “For a bright one (quilt), I actually like it.”…  I like it and I guess that’s all that matters.

I went back and looked on the blog.  In October of 2015, here is where I was at with this quilt.  Kelli had her version of this same quilt for a graduation quilt that summer and had handed off the left overs to me.


Almost two years later, it’s finally a quilt!!


Although this one looks hard, it’s really not.  There is no fancy sashing or detailed borders.  Don’t be afraid to tackle this one.

To see other finishes check out Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Scrap Addict.

There are more UFOs to finish…so the question is, will I have one done next week on Friday…Tune in and see.

23 thoughts on “Blue Skies is FINISHED!!”

  1. You really knocked this out of the park. You do seem to have found an energy for focusing on your UFOs. Good for you!

  2. LOVE IT!!! I also want to do a blue and yellow one, maybe I will pull out my fabrics, Bonnie’s book and give it a go!

  3. I do not know how you do it. So many finishes on quilts! You blog, you have a daycare, etc. Amazing. And the tops are all gorgeous.

  4. Anne Deedrick

    It’s beautiful, Jo! I’ve always wanted to make a blue and yellow quilt too. Maybe this will be the one! Love the plaid backing!

  5. Just lovely! You have accomplished so much on your UFOs. It is amazing. I like that you tell what the level of difficulty is on a pattern too. It makes me want to try it if it looks that nice and you say it wasn’t hard. I hope your foot is healing nicely.

  6. I ALSO want to make this one, but am trying to stay focused on the UFOs. I am hoping to sew all weekend (I did housework last night, so I don’t have to worry about it). I am ready for some free time to sew this summer, but that break is still over a month away. I am definitely inspired to push some through to be finished.

  7. Wow! Another great finish. It looks spectacular. Give yourself a pat on the back for this one – and I think Ruby deserves another treat for courage under fire. :>)
    Have a good weekend. It is supposed to be sunny all weekend here in La Crosse.

  8. Love the quilt ~ beautiful! Love the plaid backing ~ perfect! Your recent many “finishes” are such an inspiration to me!

  9. Wow — your quilt is wonderful! Blue and yellow is such a great combination. Can you provide additional info about your free motion quilting pattern? I’ve noticed it before and it always looks so good on your quilts.

  10. Beautiful quilt. I really need to finish up some projects before starting another, and this one is on my list. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  11. What a beautiful quilt! I’ve been tempted to do this one myself but I just finished a blue and yellow Smith Mountain Morning so I think I’ll work in some other colors for a while! Lol! Great job! If hubby decides he doesn’t like it you can send it my way. I love it!

  12. Wow! You are really tempting me to buy that book. There is so much inspiration online, I usually don’t spend money on books anymore but that won is a stunner and I love scrap quilts! Thanks for sharing, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Jo, do you ever sleep? Are the days longer than 24 hours in Iowa? I am amazed at how much you accomplish!!! All your Bonnie Hunter quilts are so beautiful. Could you share the name of your quilting pattern?

  14. Angela Bowling

    I love blue and yellow quilts (red and white ones too) and I really liked the backing from Whittles. We went to Whittles recently. I was amazed at the prices. I want to go again soon to buy some more. Your quilts are so great looking and I love the strips that you use.

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