Blue Skies–FINISHED!

As you all know, I’ve been chasing blue skies all week!  I started it quite a while ago then Bonnie’s latest book came out, but decided that I wanted to use my easy angle and rather than sitting down and thinking about it, just started cutting.  I ended up cutting out the whole quilt on the assumption that it was based on a 2″ square, but I forgot to read the small print…She meant 2″ finished!  Because of that, I ended up having to make more blocks to make it longer rather than just square.  Then I messed up the border.  Then I waited to do the border until the last minute.  Then I didn’t have fabric to use for the border that I liked.  Needless to say, it’s been quite the story, but none of that matters because–IT’S DONE!

Blue Skies 1 (400x218) Blue Skies 2 (210x400)I rigged up a little system so that I’ll be able to hang quilts on my front porch to take pictures of and I’m quite excited about it.

Blue Skies 1 (400x218)I haven’t quite gotten Puppycat trained (and likely won’t ever) to sit on quilts as nicely as Ruby, but I do have a porch now so I can easily lay out a quilt on the grass and take an “aerial” photo of it.

So with that, hat’s off to Sarah, Jason’s cousin, who this quilt is going to.  She is graduating today and will be heading to the University of Iowa in the Fall to major in Communicatons and Political Science.  No matter how hard I tried, she didn’t want to stay around here and commute to the community college with me so I’ll send her off with well wishes and a big hug!  Congrats Sarah!

I’m off to dig out some more UFO’s.  Mom and I are having a sewing day on Monday as she will not have any childcare kids.  I am super excited to have our first sewing day in the new house and I even told her that I’d make lunch–Blizzards from the gas station in town!



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  1. Oh Kelli, I had to laugh about the ‘fine print’. I started Bonnie’s Ocean Waves a couple of years ago – using scraps to piece the half square triangles and cut them to 1.5 inches…..BUT that happens to be the finished size. I did LOTS of them and made one of the units – all of them, and then cut the large pieces to make a block and it didn’t fit. So, I finally went back to read the directions, they were supposed to be 1.5 inches finished. I had to redraft the large pieces since I had all of the triangle units already done and hundreds of half square units all ready done. Oh well. It will be pretty nice when I get it done and I am using REALLY small scraps, but this may be a life long project! Your Blue Skies is gorgeous and they are going to love it. I am impressed with you finishing speed! Have a great time tomorrow! Sherry

  2. Kelli!! I love it! That quilt is on my bucket list and it has to be blues and yellows. It turned out beautiful!!!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful Kelli! congratulations on getting it done so soon. Enjoy your sew day tomorrow, that’s what I am planning on doing too.

  4. Kelli- Nice rigging for quilt display and your quilt is beautiful. Being a smaller size makes it exquisite and with all those little mishaps along the path one you’ll treasure for ever! Nice finish.

  5. Congrats on your Blue Skies finish! It turned out beautiful. I like your front porch hanging system for taking pictures of your quilts. It looks like a Jim Shore house with a quilt hanging up. :o) Good luck on your garden. Hope you have lots of fresh veggies to enjoy.

  6. Julie Schnuelle

    As Sarah’s mother, I would like to tell everyone on Kelli’s blog what a wonderful person she is. Not only did she make Miss Sarah this beautiful quilt with painstakingly small squares, but she came to our house to make sure all the food was in order for when guests arrived after the graduation ceremony. She kept all the food trays filled and worked her little cheeks off from Noon until probably 9 pm. I lost track of time at some point. The pictures of the Blue Skies quilt do not do it justice. It is absolutely stunning. Her blog doesn’t do her justice for all of the things that she does for her family and church. She is an awesome young lady and I love her to death. Thank you for everything you do Kelli. You are the BOMB!!

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