Blue Ridge Beauty: The Prodigal Returns

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…and for all my regular readers…read on…

You may have noticed a picture on the right had column of my blog of the Blue Ridge Beauty blocks.  The picture has been there since I started the blog.  In 2010 as I was putting together a UFO list, I took a picture of the blocks.  The blocks didn’t get put together.  Then 2011 came along.  I took the old picture of the blocks and added it to my UFO list.

Leaders and Enders

Then last year when Judy at Patchwork Times picked the UFO number, I went to pull the blocks out and work on them.  THEY WERE GONE!!  I looked EVERYWHERE.  I searched and dug and search and dug some more.  I asked everyone in the house to help me look and being a was crying when I asked (yep crying), everyone started to help me look.  I don’t ever store my fabric anywhere except the sewing room…but we looked in a few closets too.  I look EVERYTHING out of the cupboards…the blocks weren’t there.  All that work in making the blocks for NOTHING!!  GONE!!

Kelli came home and I begged her to look.  NO BLOCKS.  I was just sick.  I loved that quilt.  I wanted that quilt.  What’s a girl to do but cry?

Throughout the year as I looked to find other things, I would look again for the blocks but never…ever…could I find them.

When Kelli was home and paging through Bonnie’s Adventures in Leaders and Enders book, and she would quickly flip past the Blue Ridge Beauty quilt in an effort for me to not start ranting about where those blocks could be.  (yes, I admit to ranting)

As I was putting together this year’s UFO list, I was sad all over again.  I was reminded of those blocks and still could not find them.  I contemplated taking the picture of the quilt blocks off my blog but then I thought that would be like giving up.  I was not ready to give up…(it’s the stubborn streak in me)

I have vowed that if the blocks were ever, ever found, I would immediately start working on the quilt top.

Then last  week I was digging through my things finding my recycled shirts to put on Bonnie Hunter’s upcoming “Garage Sale”.  Guess what?  I found the blocks!!  I was SO-SO-SO excited!


It turns out that I had put recycled fabric strips that I had cut out to make Rectangle Wrangle on top of the blocks.  Every time when I looked, I just assumed that the basket was filled with shirt strips.  I am so happy….now guess what I am sewing on?


BLUE RIDGE BEAUTY!!!  I have the blocks next to the sewing machine and am sewing them together as leaders and enders.  I would love to stop everything and sew only them but deadlines are looming….

For now…I am a HAPPY girl…the prodigal blocks have returned!!

20 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Beauty: The Prodigal Returns”

  1. Don’t we all just love a happy outcome? I look forward to seeing the finished quilt and with your exceptional work-rate that won’t be long! Your blog is an inspiration to a slow-coache like me.

  2. I had a fabric that “disappeared”. I knew that I bought it and just couldn’t find it. All of my other purchases from that day were in my cabinet. Finally, I found the fabric. I had purchased two half yard cuts and the girl cut them at the same time and folded them together. It was inside the other fabric the whole time and I just couldn’t find it. Now, when they say “is it ok if I fold these together” I don’t say sure that’s fine any more. I don’t mind if they layer it and cut it all at once, but please don’t fold it all together. I usually just offer to help fold it. I’m wondering what else I might find in there now! Hopefully, there is a good surprise!

  3. So glad you found them! Just last night I spent a very long time looking for my Dresden ruler. I looked in drawers, containers, everywhere…twice! Finally I went over to my sewing area and looked under a small pile of fabric strips I had been working on for another project and there it was! I keep wondering if I have too much stuff if it takes that long to find something!

  4. i am a beginner and i am wondering how in the world you sew your triangles and squares and odd peices together , could someone help me please

  5. So glad you found your blocks Jo. I’m also in the middle of making this exact quilt, with the exact colors…in fact, I have enough cut for 3 quilts! (I used the whole set of thangles) It’s a beautiful quilt. Can’t wait to see yours and mine done!

  6. Ha!! It must be Blue Ridge Beauty year! Two years ago (hanging head) I had picked out scraps in romantics roses, blues & creams to do this quilt…Put them all in a bag with the pattern.
    I am determined to bring some order to my stash closet & guess what I found yesterday! Woot!
    But first, I must finish my snail-y journey on Orca Bay &, yes, RRCB…
    Onward & upward!

  7. Yeepee!! Funny how we know we are missing something! I too know that I have some blocks of one of Bonnie started and I still cant find them. Right now I am still accusing one of my daughters cause she loves homespuns, but she still claims she doesnt have them. I was making the Bargello in Plaid and made it too big for a throw I worked on for my son in law. I know those blocks are around here somewhere. I too have the blue ridge beauty going. But dont have the hsts done yet. You inspire me, I hope maybe if you keep posting I will get that far. You go girl!!!

  8. I know exactly how you felt! Thar stubborn streak paid off.
    About 13 years ago I worked for months on a cross stitch picture for my friend’s anniversary. I had just a couple of back stitches to do then it was off to the framers. To this day, even after 3 moves I have never found it. I still get a bit sad when I think about it.
    I am so glad you found your blocks!!

  9. I know what you are talking about. Doesn’t that just make you crazy? So glad you resolved the mystery! Happy Quilting!

  10. Jo where is Blue Ridge Beauty a Bonnie Hunter pattern? If not whose? I love your colors!! Can’t wait to see it done.

  11. Perhaps when the quilt is done, you’ll name it “Searching for Blue Ridge Beauty” ;) So glad you found them! and that they didn’t get accidentally sold in the garage sale.

    I’ve always loved your photos of your Works In Progress and thought it was a great idea. After we buy our home this year and I get officially unpacked and find everything, I’m gonna take photos of my UFOs :)

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

  12. I’ve just discovered the Blue Ridge Beauty quilt on Pinterest and love it. Is there a tutorial anywhere for it please?

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