My Blue Heaven…In Red.

We have a wedding on Saturday so I am scrambling to get a quilt done…typical of me right??

I had hoped to have a different quilt made but that didn’t happen so “Red” Ridged Beauty it is…

I have my head phones on.  I am listening to The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.  So far, I love it!  I typically don’t read non-fiction unless there is a story to it but this is really good.  After listening to various sections I can look back on my life and see why this diet or that diet failed.  I can see how I got to be a workaholic.  I can see lots of things and it’s really interesting.  I could tell you all the other revolutions I have come to from reading the book but I have about 7 more bobbins worth of thread to unload on this quilt before I am finished and the clock it ticking…..

This is one of Bonnie’s free patterns.  You can find it here on her website.

14 thoughts on “My Blue Heaven…In Red.

  1. Debbie B

    Beautiful quilt, Jo! I love it in Red, too! That’s one lucky couple to receive this lovely as a gift.

  2. Laurel from NW Iowa

    Wow – I liked the blue version and I REALLY like the red one! I ask this question from the point of not knowing anything about longarm quilting: is your machine really quiet enough so that you can listen to a book, even with headphones? Thanks for the nice things you wrote after we met in Oelwein. You and Kelli are a hoot! Can’t wait to have you at our Okoboji retreat.

  3. Ellen in Boise

    It’s fabulous Jo. Nice to see your frame. Makes me wonder how many of us float our tops. I do most often these days.

  4. mari

    thanks for photo of a quilt on frame, I love that it hangs gracefully rather than roled my directions made making a quilt a fight. I have the same frame.

  5. carolyn

    You float a big quilt? I didn’t think it was possible. Even when I float the batting on a baby quilt It hangs up. Any Hints?

  6. Karen Melson

    That is just a fabulous quilt…. I love how you used the fabrics together. Thank you for the pattern… that will be fun.


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