Bloom Where You’re Planted

In the past Kalissa had shirts printed and she sold them when we had the antique booth.  She sold them at vendor markets too.

She recently decided to dabble in the market again.  She has spent the last month or two designing shirts.  She periodically sends me designs and I try my best to offer some constructive criticism.  I chime in with the color I think shirts should be printed in…I suggest ink colors or font styles.

Here are a couple of the designs she sent to me…

No description available.

We chatted about them all.  I did some input.  She liked some of my comments, others, she didn’t.

A few weeks later she stopped at my house and had the shirts she had printed.  She asked if I wanted to see them.  I said sure.  Here they are…

Take a Hike…

TAKE A HIKE Long Sleeve Tee Comfort Colors Hemp Unisex image 0

and First Aid…  The was also printed in a blue sweatshirt.

FIRST AID For Emergency Use Only Short Sleeve Tee image 0

I asked her where “Bloom Where You’re Planted” is?  She didn’t order it.  I told her I was so sad as I wanted to buy that shirt.  She didn’t have that one printed.  UGH.  I was so sad.

A few weeks later Kalissa stopped at my house…Look what she had.  I grabbed a shirt and said, “oh let me be your model”…  I was completely joking.  But she snapped a picture of me and posted it on her Etsy site.   I am not shirt-selling material!!

Bloom Where You're PLANTED  Graphic Tee  Flower Tee  image 0

She looks much better.  I bought the shirt right on the spot.

Bloom Where You're PLANTED  Graphic Tee  Flower Tee  image 4

I have always loved the saying “Bloom Where You’re Planted”.  It’s been my mantra most of my life.  I started my life in southern Minnesota the daughter of dairy farmers.  I went away to college at Mankato State, about 45 minutes away.  From there I married and moved to Grand Meadow/Stewartville area in Minnesota.  From there it was was Chester, Iowa.  Then it was Lawler, Iowa…and to a different house in Lawler.  Then we moved to the farm where Kramer worked outside of Waucoma…and now I’m here in town in Waucoma.   The last four moves were only within a 7-mile distance and all were in the same school district.  It was important to us to keep our kids at the same school so we hunkered down and made it work.

I’ve been planted in many places.  Kramer was the main breadwinner so we went where his job took him.  I followed that guy where ever he went and tried my best to make a home for our family there.  I tried to bloom where I was planted.

I’m so thankful that my home is here.  I feel like my roots here are deeper and the soil is much better…I plan to stay here until I can’t.

I’ve always been a pretty optimistic person.  I’ve always thought there was good to find no matter where I was.  So the saying fits me well.  I needed a “Bloom Where You’re Planted” shirt, and I immediately bought one from Kalissa.

I love the flowers on the shirt …I’m going to toss on a jean jacket and wear this shirt much of the spring and summer when I’m out.  I really like it and love the color too!  Best of all…it’s very “me”.  I love the feminine design of it and best of all, it’s just a t-shirt so it’s comfy, yet I can easily dress it up or down.  I’m so happy she surprised me and got these printed.

She decided to sell them on-line so set up an Etsy shop.  She is also putting them in a vintage store in Sumner Iowa called Maker’s Market.

Kalissa has sold shirts in the past.  She did this one…which was wildly popular…

ANTIQUE GEEK Antique Shirt Graphic Tee Antique Junkie image 0

…and this one which was also super popular.

GONE JUNKIN'  Antique Shirt  Graphic Tee  Antique image 3

She had both of those reprinted too.

So that’s her little side-hustle.  All of us Kramer’s joke about ourselves.  We all have these little side jobs.  We’re never content with only one main job.  It’s not that we need the money, each of us just likes variety and loves a challenge.  We like to bloom where we are planted…and it looks like Kalissa is planting herself into the t-shirt designing business!!  You can find here HERE on Etsy.

20 thoughts on “Bloom Where You’re Planted”

  1. Not heard that expression “Bloom where you’re planted” before but it’s apt. I live in the UK and I was born in the Midlands, married and moved up to the top end of the country to Northumberland, then after 10 very happy years there and 2 children, back to a different part of the Midlands, beautiful leafy Warwickshire. Then we visited New Zealand, fell in love with it and for 20 years we went back and forth, living there for almost half the year for the first few years. I can honestly say I bloomed where I was planted, in every place we have had the good fortune to live.

  2. The shirts are great. I have tried your link but it does not work. Can you give us the name of her Etsy store so we can look that way?

    1. it worked for me. You can go to Kalissa’s blog then go into it. Her site is The Pink Shoelace. Or make sure you are at Jo’s actually site not Bloglovin. The was the only way I could get the link to work. Have a good day.

  3. Love the shirts, especially the pink one! But I especially love seeing your family’s beautiful smiles—they smile like their mama!

  4. Love the shirts! It would be hard to decide which one I like the best! I will be hunting these up . I love t-shirts especially to sew in….On a different subject….. I ran across your blog where you posted the yardage requirements for your Halloween quilt… I recently subscribed to “that” magazine just to get that pattern and am very anxious to start it! But as I was reading it I got interrupted and thought “Oh I’ll go back to that really soon and write those yardage requirements down and now I cant find that post! please help me! Moda has a new line called “kitty corn” coming out soon and i think it would be beautiful in it!

  5. I don’t wear tee shirts but these are very pretty and you look great in yours. I’m a city gal and older so tee shirts weren’t around when I was young. We moved to the country once to a small town and when we went to eat at the local diner, I was usually the only woman not in a tee shirt. I’m back in the city now, I’m homeI I love the expression “bloom where you are planted”. I’ve moved all over the US and I try to bloom !

  6. Margaret in North Texas

    You are a great model Jo!! Your smile will sell a lot of shirts — I love the color too. Good Luck Kalissa!!

  7. Cute shirts!
    I have tried to bloom where planted, but failed miserably in one state where we were hundreds of miles away from family and friends and living in a city. Glad to get back to my country roots!

  8. The “Bloom where you are planted” is my favorite shirt. It is a “good” pink, as I’m particular about the pinks I wear. My favorite pink is actually a salmony pink. One other thing, I like v-neck t-shirts. Just my opinion in case it will help sales. ;-)

  9. Love the logo on the shirts but unfortunately I can’t stand the neck of t –
    shirts . I wish they made more loose neck or v- necks .

  10. I went to the Etsy site, and all of the prices are coming up in Australian dollars. Do you know how to correct this? I live in the US and would like to order a shirt.

    1. Oh my Goodness! That’s not a problem I’ve heard of before – maybe your location is wrong? Make sure you’re logged in, check your account settings and your address on file and make sure it is correct – the shirt is $25 + shipping :)

      1. I signed in to ETSY and it corrected the pricing error. I have ordered the shirt. Thanks for your help!

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