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BlogHer invited me to be part of their celebration of lives well lived by answering this question….

How do you put yourself first? How does taking time for yourself help make you happier?”

Oh my…that is loaded question.  First off, I am not the best at putting myself first…and I am not so sure that’s where I always want to be.  Some of the days I do want to be first.  I want the pair of nice jeans to be for me and not my daughter…sometimes I want the time my hubby’s extra time to be spent to be with me and not the fire department.  But…some of the days I get complete and total enjoyment in giving up my day and my plans to entertain friends or participate in a community service event.

I think that we as a society have added a clique to the phrase “putting ourselves first”..and it’s not one I actually like.

We are a family.  We work together.  My family knows that I feel better, mentally and physically when I take time to walk the dogs.  They work to help make that happen by pitching in and doing chores once I am back or even while I am gone.  Sometimes it is a different family members turn to be first…like my trying to have have a good attitude when I take my daughter shopping even though I hate shopping.   I would much rather look at it all as working as a healthy family unit.

Of course I feel good when I eat right, when I exercise and when I walk the dogs…but I feel best when our family can hit that perfect balance where everyone gets a chance to at the top of the list.

BlogHer would like to invite you to join in on the conversation about putting yourself first and well as enter their sweepstakes.


3 thoughts on “BlogHer’s Life Well Lived”

  1. Well said. I think that society has a “put myself first” mentality that isn’t healthy, and that we forget that it is easiest to find joy when we are serving others. As Jacob Marley put it best “Mankind is my business!”, and that’s the way it ought to be! However, that doesn’t mean one must always be sacrificing their own wellbeing for that of another, and that you should make sure you are doing what you can to be healthy. I have learned that I do have to say no, at times, in order to take care of myself. But I have also learned not to ignore that still small voice that urges me to help others when opportunity arises . . . after all . . . He has no hands but our own.

  2. I knew I liked you. :) As new empty nesters, we now have more time for ourselves, but while raising a family, the ‘family’ was more important to me and I don’t regret one minute. Family time WAS ‘me’ time. I don’t look at it as a sacrifice. It was a choice. A choice I would make again.

  3. Very well said Jo. Sometimes I think people have become “me, me me” people. While it is true that we need to care for ourselves health and love-wise to be the best we can be and set an example, but isn’t putting people first setting the example for how we want to be treated?

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