Blogger’s Quilter Festival

It is hard to believe it is that time of year again.  It’s time for the Blogger’s Quilt Festival hosted by Amy at Amy’s Creative Side.

Silly me, I forgot to hold a new quilt back just for the show so I thought and thought and thought about what I could show you that was new.  Nothing came to me.  That’s when I decided that I actually could show you something new….

I know…I know.  You’re likely thinking, why is she showing us Quilty magazine?

The answer…that cover quilt is our quilt!!  When we were scrambling to create the quilts for our new quilt book last spring, we had to stop the sewing machines and sew this quilt as Quilty needed it!  A HUGE thanks to the people over at Moda who hurried their Bella Solids our way so we could get it made.  At the time we had no idea it would be the cover quilt.  We are tickled that it is.  That makes 2 cover quilts for us…what an honor!!

Wrapped Presents
(Photos Courtesy of Quilty) If you like this quilt you are sure to like one of the quilts that will be in our new book, Country Girl Modern, hopefully hitting the stands in February of 2015.  We took the simple design of this quilt and beefed it up creating a new fun design.

We’ll have the books available for pre-order here in a month or so.  I can’t believe this has all happened so fast….from book proposal to published book in a year is a pretty fast turn around for us!

Check your newstands for Quilty Magazine or follow this link to get your digital version of the pattern.

Make sure to stop over to Amy’s to see all the other great quilts.

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