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It’s that time of the year again….It’s the blogger quilt festival!  It’s a great chance to see MANY great quilts and to visit blogs that I regularly read and get introduced to new bloggers.  If you are new to Jo’s Country Junction, WELCOME!

The festival is sponsored by Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side.

The quilt I am showing you today is a quilt I made as a block of the month, two years ago.  The designer is Open Gate Quilts.  It’s from the Cottage Collection Book….well sorta.
Our local quilt shop sponsored the Block of the Month.  Each month we would get 1/8 of a yard of fabric and we had to use it our block.  We could do anything we wanted, as long as that fabric was used in the block.  Well…I LOVED it.  We were supposed to make one block…I made anywhere from 4-8 using other fabric for the extra blocks.  At the time, I was thinking I would make a couple quilts out of the blocks.  When the time came to put it together, I decided to make one large queen size quilt adjusting the pattern to the larger size.   I really enjoyed using this book as a block of the month.  Everyone in a group can make the same blocks, but the book offers seven different settings so each persons individual quilt can look VERY different from other participants.
This is one of the first quilts I quilted on with my Grand Quilter.  I was just learning so I used a simple stipple design which worked out just great, letting the patchwork do the “speaking”.  All of the fabrics are Civil War Reproductions except for the blue borders around the blocks…That’s a Kim Deihl fabric.
I used a stripe on the back…I love stripes for backing fabrics.  One of the reasons I like them is that it is easy to piece them together so that the seam isn’t noticeable.

That’s the story of my quilt….Thanks for stopping by and feel free to stop by again.

15 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival”

  1. Your quilt is a great example of creativity. I like the old fashioned look of the fabrics and enjoy seeing how well the stripe looks on the backing. That’s a good point about piecing the seam and not being able to notice that fact when the quilt is put together. I will keep that in mind when I am preparing my Thimbleberries 3’s Company quilt for the quilter this summer. I will look for the perfect wide stripe.

  2. This is a wonderful quilt. That was a great use of the extra fabric you were given.

    I love these reproductions. I want to make Dear Jane one day with fabrics like these.

  3. amazing quilt! it is so lovely! would this qualify as a sampler quilt? you did such a fine job in my humble opinion. thank you so much for sharing!

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