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It’s that time of the year again….It’s the blogger quilt festival!  It’s a great chance to see MANY great quilts and to visit blogs that I regularly read and get introduced to new bloggers.  If you are new to Jo’s Country Junction, WELCOME!

The festival is sponsored by Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side.


If you are a regular reader of my blog you may recognize this quilt as my Maverick Star quilt.

Last fall, I discovered Quiltville and Bonnie Hunter. I spent days on the website poking and seeing all there was to see. Two things popped out for me…the concept of leaders and enders and the Maverick Star tutorial. I immediately started making maverick stars as my leader and ender project… and, after all my efforts, I have this to show….

I learned a lot when making this quilt. I learned that a speaker phone can be a necessity for quilting….especially if your college kids call you all the time like mine do. (You’ll have to follow the link to my website to understand that!)

I also learned that in some quilts…anything goes! See the background prints…some are cream. Some are white-white. Some, I don’t even know what I was thinking when I bought them. Check out that background fabric with the orange flowers on it…Yaowza!
The quilt is PERFECT if you’re trying to get rid of ugly fabric. The fabrics just all blend and what was once ugly just blends into something interesting. I got rid of SO many fabrics that I didn’t really like anymore or didn’t work very well with the fabrics I have.

Just in case you want to make your own quilt, let me give you some specifics. In Bonnie’s tutorial, she suggests trimming your maverick stars down to 5″ blocks and making them wonky. I didn’t do that. I left mine as they were. Once all my stars were made, I made secondary stars as part of the sashing. The quilt is 11 stars across by 11 down and sashing separates each star. There is a plain scrapped together border one row wide made from 2 1/2″ background pieces.

My quilt ended up being 88″ x 88″. I used a dark colored binding which really brings out the dark colored fabrics in the stars. The back is pieced together using fabric from my stash and additional maverick stars.

I admit, that this project ended up being more than a leader andender project. After I got the 120 blocks sewn leader and enderstyle, I took a few nights and worked on the sashing as a regular project. I REALLY wanted to see how it was going to look and just wasn’t patient enough to continue on the leader and ender mode.

I am TOTALLY a leader and ender girl now!  I am addicted.

19 thoughts on “Blogger’s Quilt Festival”

  1. That is a great quilt! I’ve just been serious about leaders/enders for the last 6 months or so. I hope to start assembling smaller units into the next larger units soon! Thanks for sharing your quilt.

  2. What an excellent way of using up all those fabrics you just don’t love anymore. I’m definitely going to keep this tutorial around. Yours looks wonderful.

  3. Just lovely .I have been making maverick stars for sometime now, very slowly as I fit it in between my customers quilts.I will post a photo on my blog soon.I was wondering how you have put your rows together as your stars seem to fit together?

  4. I really like the idea of these wonky stars. I am new to quilting and don’t have that much scraps yet but am getting there. Any suggestions how to use them up are very welcome!

  5. I would say that I am fairly new to your blog, only the last month or so. So Iam really glad that you shared this. I really think that the more ugly fabric you use the better it turns out. I keep thinking that when I go to make a quilt I should start out with more than one color white/cream. It gives a more lived with, loved quilt.
    It’s beautiful!

  6. Beautiful quilt, Jo! I discovered Bonnie’s site about two years ago and also spent days looking around. I’ve not gotten a leader ender project going but have made a Pineapple Blossom and want to make numerous other of her designs. She’s so generous. This is a gorgeous big quilt and it totally supports her saying that if it is still ugly, cut it smaller! Fantastic job. Thanks for sharing your quilt’s story :)

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