Blog Updates and a New Business

So many of you noticed the updates on the blog.  There’s a new header and some thing have been added along the side including a “Keeping up with the Kramers”…A blog reader said she likes to read Kayla’s and Kalissa’s blogs but often can’t find them.  Well now they are in an easy access spot right in the right hand column.

I’d really welcome any other suggestions you might send my way on making the blog easier for you to use and navigate.

Kayla has been working on blog and making the changes.  You might also know that Kayla helped Mary over at Country Threads get her blog back up and running.

In the process of it all I talked to Kayla and said, “You know, there are other people who would like a blog, instagram account or Facebook page and they really have no idea on how to do it.  You could easily start a business helping people with media.”

Kayla hemmed and hawed and after she got thinking about it, she thought it might not be a bad idea….and so she is starting Ms. Pins Media.  You can find her site for that HERE.

I’m so excited for her and excited for any of you who might be interested in working with her.  Kayla set up my blog over 11 years ago.  She does all of the background work for me.  Seriously, she taught me what to do to write a blog post and how to publish it.  Everything else, she does.  I love it because that allows me to do the things I want to do….create and write, and not worry about the behind the scenes things like spam and widgets and placing ads.  Kayla’s the one that does that so I’m free from that hassle.

On Kayla’s last visit to my house she was helping me with EQ (Electric Quilt) program.  Being I’m not doing regular childcare I thought I’d try to work on designing more quilts again.  I thought I should really get serious about learning EQ as it would be more professional.  So Kayla was busy figuring it out….

…and here is what I was doing….
playing with the kids….Again, she was doing the heavy lifting by figuring out the program so I could do what I wanted…play with the kids.
Don’t you love the great hairdo that Carver is giving me??

By the time my hairdo was done Kayla had figured out EQ enough that she could give me a run on the basics.  I feel so much better about it.

Kayla can do the behind the scenes things for you too…maybe not teach you EQ but she can get a blog set up for you.  Even if you aren’t interested in daily blogging, you can still have a family blog to keep in touch or a crafty blog where you record your craft…or even have a business blog.  Kayla has been great for me to work with and I think Mary at Country Threads would likely say the same.

Kayla is taking clients on a first come first serve basis.  There may end up being a waiting list so you’ll have to be patient with her as she starts things up.  She wants to only take one or two at a time so each client is happy and comfortable with what she has set up for them before she moves on to a new client.  Don’t be afraid of not knowing enough…I knew nothing about blogging at all when I started and Kayla walked me through the process.  If she can work with me, she can work with any of you.

So if you need some sprucing on a blog you have or are new to blogging and want to start a blog or any other internet type adventure, contact Kayla HERE at Ms. Pins Media.

…and if you have a suggestion to make my blog better, leave a comment.  I’d love to try to make the blog more user friendly (with Kayla’s help of course).

17 thoughts on “Blog Updates and a New Business”

  1. I’m commenting again on the fresh look on your blog! Last time was a day or so ago after noting the changes on my cell phone. Today I’m on my laptop with a larger view and it’s even more beautiful. I noticed the 4 triangle pictures at the top show your top 4 interests and I love it! Very thoughtful and creative! Kayla is very talented. I envy you that your kids/grands all live within a short drive. Yes, even 2 hours is a short drive compared to the all day flights it takes me to get to my grands that I haven’t seen since early February. Nor have I seen my 88 year old mom, also 1-2 flights away depending on how long I want to drive after the flights. I live alone and am missing everyone. Enjoy and treasure your kids and grands! And take care of yourself!

  2. Carolyn Sullivan

    LOVE the new header, and your hair do. I never could figure out EQ. it was too complicated for my brain

  3. I never purchased EQ because of the price and could not justify it. Also I like the new set up of the blog and being able to get to Kayla and Kalissa’s blogs. I do miss being able to click onto Bonnie Hunter’s blog from your page. I like being able to read blogs that are updated daily. Have a good weekend, and happy sewing to keep cool in this heat.

  4. LaNan Eldridge

    I couldn’t figure out eq either and I even took a class but unfortunately sat by a lady who kept asking me questions and then I’d miss what the instructor said…ugh!! Good luck on the new adventure !

  5. Judith Fairchild

    Whenever I have a phone or computer problem. My daughter straightens it out. The only problem with that is she doesn’t explain to me what to do. I think your Kayla is tops at designing your page. Way to go.

  6. Your new page looks fantastic. Kayla has done a wonderful job. It is so professional looking. I have been toying with the idea of blogging to get me committed so I would just get up and do something. I spend way too much time reading everyone’s blog and collecting patterns and then not doing a thing. Anyone else? I need to get back to it.
    Anyway, nice job!!! I really love the header!!!

  7. Judith Fairchild

    I like the bottom of your post also. Almost better than the top. I’m not suggesting you should change anything I really like it. And I can catch up on most of the rest of your family. Thank you to you and your blogging daughters.

  8. Stephani in N. TX

    I noticed your new header right away, it’s sharp and crisp looking. I have also gotten to read your daughters’ blogs from their listings. They blog as well as you do. One thing I wish for is to be able to save some of your photographs. Nothing of a personal nature of course, but I save quilt photos that I like. I can go back and review them and have access to photos I see on-line that inspire me to keep quilting or that I want to go back to for instructions. Can’t remember them all of course, so it’s fun to have a month by month, year by year file of those I liked the most.

  9. Fabulous idea you came up with for Kayla! I have always wanted to have a blog but I know nothing about how it all works and I don’t have the time or patience to learn it on my own! BTW….love the updates to your blog! ❤

  10. It looks great! The only suggestion I have is to make it “secure”. Yours still says “not secure” at the top. Some bloggers won’t even read a blog that’s not secure and many won’t allow links to unsecured blogs to be used in their blogs. I don’t understand all the technical stuff but it does have to do with being It doesn’t just apply to business blogs that take credit cards)I have a blog that I haven’t updated in a long time but it was just automatically changed to secure. I didn’t have to do anything. If you need instructions on how to do this, let me know and I will find it for you.

  11. Part of sentence got chopped up in my reply. Should read : …it does have to do with being more easily hacked. It doesn’t just apply to business blogs that take credit cards.

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