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Did you all experience some trouble with the blog over the last few days?  We did too.

Although it might have looked a little scary to some of you seeing 505 errors and such, it was really all under control.

Here’s what happened.  Over the last six months or so, the blog has grown.  That means we outgrew our server.  For those not in the know about blogs, servers basically provide the parking lot on the internet for you all to come and park and read the blog.

We were sharing the parking lot with a couple of other blogs.  We ended up using more than our share of the parking spaces so we got kicked off a time or two over the last six months.

Kayla did some investigation and determined it was time for us to get a new server with a “bigger parking lot” that included room to expand.  So we moved.

The statement “so we moved” sounds so nonchalant but that’s not true.  It was not a lot of work for me.  It was quite a bit of work for Kayla but easier than either of us anticipated.  Neither of us had done anything like this before so there was quite a bit of worry to it all but we just decided to trust and go for it.

Kayla did an amazing job.  I’m so lucky to have her.

After about 20 messages back and forth and 20 checks to see if it was up and working, it worked.  We both sighed a BIG sigh of relief.

Because of the move some of you who read via Blog Lovin’ lost us.  Some of you saw errors when you came to Jo’s Country Junction.  Some of you saw funky letters after you wrote a comment.  Some of you had trouble seeing the second page of a post.  I know this as I’ve had many messages from all of you.  Thanks for checking in with me.

The troubles you all had were just growing pains and as far as we know, those are better.  If they aren’t, or you are experiencing something out of the usual, please drop a comment in the comment section and we will look into it.

Besides not getting “kicked out of the parking lot”, we now have a blog that is responding and loading much faster.  I’m so excited.  Writing blog posts,  loading and editing all of the photos along with maintaining the blog takes a lot of time and this faster speed is a HUGE, HUGE plus for me.  I think you all are going to enjoy it too.

Here’s the best part…
Remember I said we moved to a bigger “parking lot”?  Remember I said the blog is now performing faster?

One would think all of that would cost me more money.  NOPE.  It’s actually cheaper.  I was on an ancient plan and now…not anymore.  It’s fast and efficient and I’m loving what I see so far.  I hope you do too.  We should be back to normal.

Remember to take the time to scroll back and check out some of the blog posts you missed while the blog was down.

14 thoughts on “Blog Update”

  1. So happy you have this all worked out. I did have problems with two posts, but kept them available and was able to read them later. I always miss you when I can’t read your blog! Thanks for your all your work and thank you Kayla!! You have talented children.

  2. Thank you and especially, Kaylafor your diligent work to keep this blog up and running. The blog looked and read just fine tonight. Thanks!

  3. Katherine Gourley

    Yay!! I was in a panic–I missed your wonderful posts. I am happy all of this was worth it and you ended up better than before.

  4. I am one who connects through Bloglovin for the most part. I was having problems like others. I thought it is crazy weather related. Thanks for the update.

  5. Jo, Thank you for explaining what was happening to the blog recently. Glad it all went well with the upgrade to the bigger parking lot.

    Don’t know if this is a recent feature or something I have never noticed before . . . At the end of the blog post, it shows “Related” and it then lists three blog titles horizontally.

  6. Judith Fairchild

    I was one b of the frustrated ones one post I couldn’t get past the pi ture of Eli. The next time it offered me the post to blog in under your name. As if. I caught most of the Laurie blog before it fi-ed on F.B.
    So glad youhave gotten things straightened out. Bigger better and cheaper.

  7. Whew. So glad things worked out! I noticed today that the blog title is showing “not secure” when it’s been secure. Also I tried to look at “weekend charmer baby quilt” from your tutorial list. It took me to the blog post, but when I try to click on the three links that take you to the quilt directions on Kayla’s blog, the links don’t seem to work. It just sits there and doesn’t take you to her blog. I have tried on my iPad and my iPhone and have let it sit for 45 minutes, have also tried reloading. Just wanted you to know. I am so glad to be able to read your blog again today!

  8. O ne of the first things I do every morning, without fail, is to pull up your blog and read the entire thing. It is a good start to my day. This past week I lost you, and it was like going through withdrawal. I tried accessing every trick in the book and could not find you again. Finally this morning you turned up! It was a red letter day for me Please don’t do that again!!!

  9. Having my own share of blog issues, I just knew you were having some of your own. My life is miserable when the blog doesn’t work and it makes it hard for Kayla who I depend on 100% to help me get back to normal. She always comes through but not without her own set of issues on my behalf! Thank you, Kayla! Hey, Jo – let’s move our visit to August some time before school starts!

  10. The only thing I notice is that I can’t ‘like’ a blog post–which I always do! Hope this can change. Good luck with all the new stuff!

  11. Marianne Barta

    Yah! So glad you are back for our enjoyment. Missed reading your blog. Best of Luck and Blessings to you and your family.

  12. Awesome! This is so much better now. Love how quickly the blog is loading. Compared to the last few weeks, anything would have been faster. LOL. Glad it wasn’t as much trouble as you all imagined it would be. Love your blog so much!

  13. Glad Kayla got your blog updated. I noticed the quicker loading tonight, especially the pictures.
    I haven’t been able to see Kayla’s Instagram page for a month or so – it tells me “page not found”. And for the past week, when clicking on the link to her Pins’s Needles blog, it says the domain name is for sale by GoDaddy. Is this part of the ‘parking lot’ issue? Hope she hasn’t stopped blogging – I enjoy reading her blog although I realize she doesn’t have much time these days.

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