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Not to long ago I told you about my waffle iron woes.  (Find that post here)  I was so sad.  My old trusty waffle iron died.

It was a sad day for me.

I had that “new things” are sometime invented.  I often love the old much better.

In my blog post I had complained that I wasn’t able to find what I wanted…
1-Not a Belgian waffle maker
2-one that the plates didn’t come out of
3-a four holer
4-not circular

Well a blog reader came to my rescue.  She suggested going to Ebay.  Why didn’t I think of Ebay.  I did check Ebay and I ordered one.

Of course ordering wasn’t the easiest.  Hubby wrestled my old one out of the garbage, found the make and model and gave me that info.  I couldn’t find the exact one but I did find one that looked really similar and was a four holer and was a Kenmore the same as mine and the front looked very similar.  YAHOO!  I was super nervous as it was still $38 plus shipping.

The package came when the childcare kiddos were here.  They were all excited about a box so we opened it up.

Then we decided we’d have waffles for lunch to test it out…any guesses on if it worked or not???  The results are in and….it worked.  It worked nicely.

Carver totally approved as did the other childcare kiddos.

So just to test to really make sure it worked I thought I better make waffle cookies…and it worked wonderfully for that too.  It’s pretty awesome.  I can now make 8 cookies at once vs the four I previously could make in a batch.  YAHOO!!  (recipe for waffle cookies here is you missed it)

I only have one complaint.  This.  Look at the plug.  I didn’t see anything about the damaged plug in when reading the description.  I can see how this could have been easily overlooked and not noticed.  I think hubby can replace the end so I’m not shook up about it but I don’t think it’s fair that I should have to pay full asking price for a damaged product.

We’ll see how that all goes.  It’s always something isn’t it??

The good news is Hubby can fix it…I love it and it makes good food!!

8 thoughts on “Blog Reader to the Rescue”

  1. Jo, you’re far too kind. It doesn’t look easily overlooked at all to me unless the seller never unboxed the item. Not being as kind as you are, I suspect the seller deliberately withheld that information. You’re very lucky that you were able to use it without it sparking or causing a fire.

  2. I would look the EBAY listing back up and carefully reread it to make sure the plug condition was not mentioned. Then if no problem with the plug was mentioned and If you have not yet left feedback I would send a photo of the plug to the vender and say what would make you feel better about the transaction, say an $8 refund. My guess is you would stand an excellent chance of getting a refund.

  3. Hi Joe, just to be on the safe side, I suggest you put some electrical tape on the plug until hubby has a chance to replace it. I’m always a bit skiddish about getting shocked with electronics especially anything that uses lots of power to heat up. BTW, I had the same waffle iron years ago and I agree they work great!

  4. OOOOH, chocolate waffle cookies, I haven’t had those since I was a kid. I think I will have to make some in the near future!

  5. I agree with Jean. Reread the listing and then contact the seller. If they are a good seller they will do something to make this a better transaction for you.

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