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I have a few bits and pieces of information I thought I would share with you…before I do I wanted to do a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated to the fund raiser for HEART Animal Rescue the group I volunteer with.

The auction is live now and you can see the items that are for sale by following THIS LINK to their Facebook page. It will look like a big grouping of pictures. As of writing this post, there were 345 items for bidding. More will be added over the next few days. Bidding ends on December 3rd. Items donated by readers of my blog are in the description. THANKS SO MUCH!!

Now for the rest of today’s blog post…

I did a bit of a tutorial of sorts for this quilt.

You can find the tutorial HERE. A blog reader let me know that Quilted Twins still has the panel I used to make to make the quilt. It’s one of the alphabet letters I used for the inside of the star blocks.

You can find it HERE.

A blog reader let me know that the Aftershokz headphones that I love are on a huge sale on Amazon. You can find them HERE on Amazon.

I love mine so much that I’m tempted to get another pair just in case mine breaks. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and no problems yet. So I’ll likely be a good girl and not get any. It sure is tempting to get a spare though.

If you’ve been around the blog for a bit, you all know I appreciate historical fiction books. A blog reader suggested I join a Facebook group called Historical Fiction Book Lovers. You can find it HERE. I have very much appreciated the group so far. If you are a historical fiction book lover, I suggest joining. It’s free and there are many great books being suggested.

After I finished my Tumalo Trail quilt, a blog reader sent me a link to Tumalo Trail the park. She thought I might want to know more about the park being I made the quilt. HERE is the link to the park info. HERE is the link to the blog post about my finished quilt.

Thanks for sharing that. It was fun to read.

I have mentioned that I want to do more wool applique projects. A blog reader suggested this book to me.

It’s Sew Many Notions by Debbie Busby. You can find it HERE on Amazon. Great news!! I already have the book and had forgotten about it. I figured I must have done a blog review of it and I did. It included this picture.

OH!! I want to find the book because I want to make the sew pincushion!!

I’m not sure where the book is. Hopefully, it is with my quilting books and I can find it quickly. That would be fun to make. Even better news is that my wool collection isn’t huge but I think have all I would need to make that. YAHOO. Thanks to the blog reader that reminded me of the book.

That’s all I have for you today. I am off to try to locate that book. I loved that piece when I first bought the book and almost made it. I’d really like to make it now.

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