Blog Reader Finish: Christmas Star Quilt

First off I am going to apologize about this being published so late after being received.  It was sent to us back in January.  It got sent to Kelli who sent it to me at just the day or two before I got my new computer (that I still don’t love..but can at least tolerate).  Well my email and contacts were lost in the migration to the new computer.  Then one day Kelli and I were chatting and she said wasn’t that a great quilt?  I didn’t know what she was talking about.  Kelli ended up going back through her email it the deleted box (no she never empties it) and found the note.  FINALLY I am sharing Barb in Tucson’s awesome Christmas quilt.

Barb writes:
“A few years ago when I for saw your Christmas quilt, I knew I had to make it.  I spent summer of 2014 making the blocks.  By November I had a top that was ready to quilt, and sent it off to the long armer.  This is the photo I’m attaching.  It is 104″sq, and turned out so nice.”


You’re right Barb.  It did turn out so nice.  I have to say, quilts like this are my favorite to make.  They are good therapy quilts.  For me that means LOTS of chain piecing and an audio book on the side.

Here is our original quilt.

It’s so fun to make as the block actually looks like this.

You can find the tutorial and learn more about the quilt by following this link.

If you read this then misplace the tutorial when you want it later…not worries.  The pattern is listed on the right side bar of the blog in the free pattern section under Christmas Star quilt.  I’ve always wanted to back and make this quilt again only in patriotic colors.

I apologize Barb…I wish the email problems wouldn’t have happened.  If anyone else feels like we didn’t get to an email you sent, try’s my email.

7 thoughts on “Blog Reader Finish: Christmas Star Quilt”

  1. I made mine using red, white and blue t’s at the quilter when I get it back I will send you some pictures of it. It was so fun to make!

  2. It’s a great quilt and the timing is perfect. I can actually think about Christmas and not feel stressed about how close it is. This might finally get me moving on a Christmas quilt. Nice job, Barb!

  3. cleaning my sewing room I came across the block components, I had the green four patch and the red units but nothing put together. I couldn’t remember how the block was supposed to go together. It is so unlike me to not put at least one block together that I feel that I will surely find some blocks somewhere, but thanks for posting this again. Now I can finish another UFO.

  4. Wow! Just discovered this blog post about my Christmas Star Quilt! It’s been 7 years and only now discovered your response to it and the others’ comments. It was ultimately used as a church fundraiser and garnered $1000 for the building addition. Loved making it so much that I started another one but have just made a few blocks. Happy Quilting – Barb in Tucson

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