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Did you notice the changes?  Look along the left hand side.  I added two new pages, Quilts of 2009 and Quilts of 2010.  Give them a click and check out my finishes.  Check out the right hand side….there are pictures of projects I am working on that I hope to move over to the Quilts of 2010 page.  Honestly, I am working on more projects than that….I just haven’t told you all about them yet. 

On another note….Last week I asked you help to locate more of these dishes….
Well…good news….I got an email from pal of mine and she told me about Replacements, Ltd.  If you love the pattern of dinnerware you have but need replacement parts, check it out.  They have a bizzillion different patterns from different companies.  They don’t have my pattern right now, but at least we identified the pattern.  They also put me on a list and will notify whenever they get pieces in.  I am keeping my fingers crossed…

Now I am off to sew….seeing all those photos of works in progress has really inspired me!

4 thoughts on “Blog News….

  1. Judy

    This pattern really does “look like you”. I can see why you would like it. It sounds like you discovered the name of this Gibson pattern. What is it and I will keep a look out as well?

    1. Jo Post author

      You can be added to an email list by putting your name into the box on the right hand column on the blog. I am not allowed to do that for you as it is your private email. THANKS


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