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Kelli and I are so honored.  We have a block that is being featured in Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Magazine Volume #8.  We were in the Volume #7 and had lots of fun with that so when the chance came to submit a block for Volume #8 we jumped right in.


Have you seen the magazine before?  It’s a fun conglomeration of blocks that are appliqued, pieced and even paper pieced with direction to make the block.  Each of the blocks is submitted by a designer.

Our block is shown in reds, whites, and blues…again.  It’s a long running joke here at the Junction between my daughter Kelli and I that I can only design in patriotic colors.  I’ll admit, it’s a little bit true.  It’s a hazard when a person’s favorite colors are red and blue!!  I love all things patriotic too so red, white and blue comes natural to me.

Here’s our block.


We decided to keep making more blocks and made them into a quilt…  The quilt is featured in the gallery section of the magazine.  No instructions are given for the quilt but you can see by making more blocks, you can end up with a beautiful quilt.  Wouldn’t it make a great Quilt of Valor??

Kelli and I were frantically trying to the get quilt finished right before my son Buck and Jen got married in August.

If you haven’t been to our blog before, thanks for stopping by.  We always have lots of fun going on here.  We are a mother-daughter team who combat the workaholic farmer men in our lives by sewing..and my oh my we do a lot of it!!  There are four other kids in the family and we share all the craziness that happens here at the northeast Iowa farms that we live on.  Hubby and I bought a foreclosure home at the end of the summer and we’ve working on some remodeling hoping to be in the house for Thanksgiving next year.  Kelli is getting married in March.  Honestly…something is always happening here…usually lots of things.

We blog once or twice a day so there is always something new to read.  We have tutorials listed on the right…We are hosting a Bonnie Hunter UFO challenge here Saturday mornings.  We along with my friend Nell and our readers are trying to finish up a Bonnie Hunter UFOs that we have before her new mystery starts at the end of the month.  We have “Try it on Tuesday” where we feature a new quilting book or gadget and often give it away to one of our readers.  If you like giveaways you’ll want to come back next week to see what we’re giving away.  One of the easiest ways to keep up with us is via our Facebook page.

Speaking of giveaways…we have a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks that we’d love to give away to all of you just leave a comment here telling if you have ever bought an issue of  Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks before.  If  you’re looking for the magazine, it is scheduled to hit news stands on November 19th.

Oh hey…look there on the bottom row…that’s our block so I guess that means we are cover girls…WHOOP-WHOOP!!  We have several other quilts that will be featured in national magazines in the upcoming year so maybe…just maybe, you’ll see us again!!

Thanks for stopping by…  If you’re looking for more blocks and more chances to win a copy of 100 Blocks, stop by each day November 11th-15th to Quiltmaker’s Blog, Quilty Pleasures.

As part of my way of celebrating Thanksgiving this year, each day I write one thing I am thankful for…

Today I am thankful for the ability to design.  I know that I often take it for granted and that I have so-so much more to learn but I am thankful that I can do it.  I get great pleasure from designing.

390 thoughts on “Blog Hopping: Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Style”

  1. I have never bought the Quiltmaker 100 block magazine, but am definitely going to this time if I don’t win! There are so many lovely blocks!

  2. I have volumes 2 and 4 of the 100 Blocks series. I’m glad I founr your blog. I plan to chek in on Tuesdays just to see what you’re doing each week. Thanks for the fun!

  3. I have never bought an issue of 100 Blocks….I am a new quilter and didn’t know about this wonderful magazine. Congratulations cover girls! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I won an issue last year and really enjoyed dreaming. Maybe after I retire (1 more year!) I can work on more challenging quilt patterns.

  5. I am thankful that I am now retired and actually have time to “play” with fabric and thread again! I am also thankful for all the wonderful inspired quilters and designers that I am finding on facebook and other sites! Keep up the great work!

  6. I received a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 as a prize and then the next fall I had to buy one at the grocery store. They are addicting and I want a new one every time they are published!

  7. I’ve bought a few issues – I think I have 4 ! – thanks for your block – my partner has been bugging me for a quilt for a while and seeing your block in the quilt I think this just might suit him :)

  8. I bought last year’s 100 blocks and volume 1. I’m hoping to win a copy so I won’t have to buy it this year! Thanks for your block.

  9. Wow! love your blog and signed up! Can’t wait to read more. I have never seen a copy of 100 quilt blocks, just kind of stumbled across this blog tour and loving the ideas from all the blogs. Very inspiring! And living in Germany! I sure to miss home, so your blog seems like just the thing to help me through the winter doldrums!

  10. Congrats on being “Cover Girls”! I love the red, white and blue theme. Sometimes keeping it simple with three colours makes a much grander impact! I love it.

  11. well this is amazing. I love so much patriotic stuff, and I love stars…so right up my alley.
    I have either won, or purchased, all the 100 Blocks volumes, and also the Quilts From… as well.

  12. I have bought a couple of the 100 Blocks volumes, would love to have all of them. I really like your block and I enjoy the patriotic fabrics that you used.

  13. What a lovely block! Makes a beautiful quilt and love the secondary design as well. I won a copy last year and would love to get all the back issues. Congratulations and Thank you for your giveaway.


  14. Charlene McCullough

    I yet to buy a copy. I’ve looked at them several times though. I really like it. I’m getting up the courage to try quilting and would love t win the copy. Thanks so much for the chance. I pretty much like everything patriotic also. Love the block and the quilt.

  15. This is my second 100 block blog hop and I ended up buying the 7th volume last time…who can resist after seeing all of these beautiful blocks and quilts!!

  16. No, I’ve never bought a copy, but I’ve been blessed to win 3 or 4 issues in past years. So I’m hoping this year I’ll end up with a copy! debgirotti at gmail dot com

  17. Love your block — especially the red, white, and blue version. I have vol. 1-6. Because of moving, I think I missed vol. 7. Would love to win vol. 8.

  18. No, I have not bought one though I think I bought a similar one years ago. Will take a look-see at the bookstore tonight.

  19. The Block is wonderful, sorts reminds me of apples ;-) Congrats for making the cover too. I am thankful for my artistic talent, which I am still developing. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  20. I love your block, and Iove your red/white/blue quilt made using it!! I am defintely now following you on Facebook!

  21. I don’t check out the magazine racks too often, so have missed this great magazine. What I have seen hopping yesterday and today, I like it.

  22. The German Apple Rolls look great. I will try making some soon as well as your block. It is beautiful. You are right it would make a great QOV.

  23. I have bought the magazine before ( I think I am only missing one issue). I love the different blocks and seeing many of them made into quilts or runners.

  24. Still new to this Quilty thing – so far I’ve not purchased one yet, but I’ll have to if I don’t win one. : ) Can’t miss out!

  25. Congratulations on getting your block published – and on the cover. It looks beautiful made up into the quilt. I can see it in French General fabrics.

  26. Congrats on being on the cover and having your block in the magazine. No, I haven’t bought any of the magazines. Thank you for the chance to win.

  27. I just LOVE your block and the quilt made from them. I have a very special reason to be thankful this year. My son who is in the Army got home safe and sound from a 9 month deployment in Afghanistan safe and sound!!

  28. Yes, I have several of the printed magazines and two of the magazines in digital format. I do a lot with patriotic colors, too. BTW… I LOVE the apple rolls recipe!

  29. I have not bought this magazine but used to subscribe to Quiltmaker magazine. Still have several copies which I look through every so ofter.

  30. I really like your block … in fact I may have to change up a row on a quilt I am currently making to include this :) … thank you! I have, in fact, purchased at least six previous issues of the 100 Blocks Quiltmakers Magazine … need to find the last one to round out my collection before this one hits the stand ;) Thank you so much for participating and giving us the chance to win a copy!! Best wishes …

  31. Karyn Ashley-Smith

    I own every issue of the 100 blocks. Some I’ve bought, some I’ve won, but I am ALWAYS on the lookout for them! My favorite publication. I remember you lovely ladies from last year. Glad to hear all is well in your crazy world! I’ll be visiting again soon! And I’m whipping up that German Apple yumminess as soon as I hop off here!

  32. I have the first 6 issues. My local quilt shop didn’t get 7 and, of course, 8 just came out. I love me some apples.

  33. I have never had a chance to buy the magazine, but might have to because of your design. I LOVE your block. I love all things patriotic as well…my favorite colors are red and blue!

  34. I don’t have or have seen any of the 100 block magazines. I have made a few simple quilts in the past and am trying to learn more. I really need to work on rotary cutting. It looks so easy but I seem to have trouble! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  35. I love your block! I am a sucker for stars and one that would adapt to a scrappy quilt, even better! I have a few of the 100 blocks, but I can not remember if I bought them or if someone gave them to me. (shrugs shoulders ).

  36. I have not bought one before, but have looked at them in the stands. I guess I just wasn’t sure what to do with it. I like that you showed a picture of it in a quilt. Sometimes I have a hard time seeing a block become a whole quilt.

  37. I have all of the previous editions and would love to have this issue, too. I love your block, because I, too, love red, white, and blue and stars! I’m a regular follower and enjoy reading your posts. Tanks for the chance towin.

  38. I have never bought a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks before, but I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on one in the near future!

  39. I haven’t bought a copy of 100 blocks yet – but I have had it gifted to me twice in the past year! (Yay for MILs) Both were older copies (vol 2 & 5) she found at a local store, but I’m just as happy!!

  40. I LOVE this magazine. . . .I refuse to get rid of a single one of them and wish I had them all. . .think I missed the first couple, but would have to go really look in the creative CHAOS that is my sewing room! My hubby was down there last night, stuck his head in, shook his head, tsk tsked me and walked away. Sometimes it is safer that way! :) Good work on getting a block on the COVER! YAHOOOOO!

  41. Yes I have purchased the quiltermaker 100 blocks magazine. I just can’t be without one.
    Congrats on being a cover girl.

  42. I have purchased many of the issues, but I am missing 2, I think. They are great for trying something new, but you don’t necessarily have to make an entire quilt

  43. This year was the first time I purchased Quiltmaker magazine. I bought the Fall’13 issue because of the Halloween quilt, 801 Maple.

  44. I love 100 blocks it’s the best magazine ever. Would love to win one. Just love this blog I am new to this blog stuff found I really enjoy lookin at your ideas and recipes. Can’t wait to try your apple rolls, love all apple pies etc. tanks you for the enjoyment you give me and others. God Bless you and yours.

  45. I have purchased one of the 100 blocks magazines but there is so much inspiration in them that I will definitely purchase this one…if I don’t win one!!! LOL

  46. I don’t always buy the Quiltmaker mag every other month but I try never to miss the 100 Blocks as they are so special. Love that apple recipe and hope to try it very soon!

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