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If you are a reader of the blog and not a blogger, some of this won’t make sense to you or even apply to you.  If you are a blogger, and you don’t know about Akismet, I have a treat for you.

Moderating comments on my blog had gotten to be a complete and total chore.  I was constantly getting spam blog comments about Gucci bags, watches, UGG boots and some very inappropriate ones too.  I just thought it was part of blogging.  Those spam comments are intermingled in with readers comments so it was a pain.

Then two of my blogger friends got spam BOMBED.  In one day they were getting over 1000 spam comments a day.  Wading through that was horrid.

I did some research and came up with the idea to try an “Anit-spam plugin called Akismet”.  I told my daughter Kayla about it and she put in on my blog.  It-is-AMAZING!!!!  No more spam at all!

My blogger friends who had been bombed with spam put it on their blogs.  No only did it monitor new daily spam in went back and cleaned up all the old spam.  I have been using it since Thanksgiving and I can honestly say it has freed up so much time for me.  I am in love.

If you are wondering, I chose the free version.  If at sometime that quits working, I’ll upgrade to the paid version.   I have WordPress blog as do my friends.  I have no idea if it works for Blogger blogs and I have no idea how to install it.  I just know it works.

6 thoughts on “Blog Comment Spam”

  1. Soooooooo, I “use to have” a blog on blogger but gave it up – was trying to simplify my life. Now I feel I’m out of touch with all my friends on the net! :O

    Thank you for let’g me know about this application and that you use the FREE version of it.

    Now…I am thinking of re-starting my blog and going with WordPress.
    QUESTION: Is your WordPress the FREE version too?

    Kim ♥

  2. That doesn’t work for blogger as far as I know. I have trouble with spam too. I had my blog set so that anonymous users could comment and this morning, I got 259 spam comments. Seriously. Normally blogger catches the spam but these didn’t have the typical links in them. They just said hello and goodbye or something like that so they wouldn’t be caught by any anti spam filter. .

    Even so, I am now thinking about switching to wordpress just so I can use this plug-in.

  3. I use Askimet as well – and it works great (although once in a while it slides a “real” comment into the spam…). I was getting over 800 spam comments a day at one point…so having a Spam filter that actually works is amazing. I use PressHarbor as my server and they use WordPress.

  4. I have askimet as well and LOVE it. Blogger was getting over 1000 comments a day and now I never see any. I do check though because about one a month that it snags is not SPAM. I also use the free version.

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