Block of the Month Tips and a Winner

A quilt shop in the area sponsors a “Buck a Block” block of the month that started back in January.   Here’s how far I am….


One commitment I make for Block of Month programs is…Never put the project in my cupboard until the block or project for that month is completed.  I just leave it sitting right by my sewing machine until it’s finished….messy, but that way I don’t forget.

The funny thing is….sometimes when I “clean” I have to sew.  I can’t put the project away until it’s finished so I am just “forced” to sew….  Right now, my Schnibble pattern is sitting there and can’t be put away until it’s finished, so it looks like I’ll have to do a little “cleaning” (sewing).

I keep on going projects in scrapbooking see though project bags.


It works great!  I can see the project and the blocks stay nice and flat.  It’s easy to store too.  For this Block of the Month, we have to show a completed block before you can get the next block.  I just show them my block right in the pack.  I never have to take it out.

I didn’t purchase the finishing kit for this set of blocks.  I decided to come up with something on my own so we will see how that goes….

Now for the winner of the “I’m cleaning my sewing room giveaway”….The winner is, Mary P.  Mary blogs at, Hill Country Quilter.  Thanks Mary….

And on a lighter note….it’s Homecoming week here.  It’s tradition to dress crazy each day.  Here are my kiddos all dressed up for “Hero Day”.  Who do you think they are?


4 thoughts on “Block of the Month Tips and a Winner”

  1. I have no idea either but I agree with krisgray, the guesses will be interesting! I was sort of thinking Aladdin for your son because of the hat…..but there is no Q in Aladdin. As for your daughter, Lady Godiva because of the hair, but the lady was naked so I think that would rule her out LOL! What fun!

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