Block of the Month Confessions

A post from Kelli–

So we’ve had the block of the month quilt along going for a few months now. You know how you might start a new month thinking you’re going to work hard to try better next month because the past month flew by? Yeah…I think that regularly too, however it doesn’t seem to happen. Two months that I’ve been working in the block of the month this year, I either havent actually completed all the parts, or did enough to make it “look” like I had. Oops! I’m a real person though and sometimes life happens. I actually felt really bad about it for a while until I mentioned it to mom and she just started laughing. As it turns out, she had done the same thing!

So this month, we both had to finish one if the sets that we “finished” during a past month.

When I was going through and making this set, I apparently wasn’t paying attention when I was cutting because I had to substitute a different brown in the big star in the top set.

That’s one thing that has been a bit frustrating with this quilt. Some fabrics have enough to make a whole mother block or set of blocks while some have just barely enough to cut out what is needed for the block.


6 thoughts on “Block of the Month Confessions”

  1. I am so glad I never bought into the block of the month; wanted to several times! After reading your blog, I will avoid them forever!!! Thanks for saving me some headaches!!! That last picture is priceless!!! Love it!

  2. I have done a civil war block of the month with a local quilt shop and I enjoyed the process. I have my blocks done but have not put them together yet, hopefully soon. I love seeing your progress on your blocks and how they end up in a quilt.

  3. Roberta McKiski

    I had purchased several BOMs from Prairie Star when they were still in business. They always had such gorgeous fabric. I had. I believe, 2 years of doll quilts. I finished several of them. Lewis and Clark was a sampler which I hand pieced at my work. I was a customer service operator and allowed to do other stuff as long as I did my job. My company closed in 2009. I retired. I have machine pieces Remember Mama, again not seen together. It has the most gorgeous fabric colors. Obviously I have a small fortune in BOMs. Unfinished ones. As well as many others. I also make lap quilts for veterans. I gotta get going……

  4. I bought a Christmas BOM a couple of years back; it is a pattern that had been discontinued, but the quilting shop was given permission to re-issue it for one more go around. It was so cute I just had to have it. It’s still neatly packed away; sure hope the fabrics are cut right.. I have been following you and your Mom’s progress on the above one. I think the fabrics are so beautiful and I’m always attracted to stars, I think it will be a wonderful quilt when done. The last picture is just too cute! :)

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