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AH…I year has passed and here we are.  How did you do?  Where is your block of the month quilt?  Finished?  Back in the closet?

I frantically worked on mine last weekend.  I was so eager to get the two quilts finished!!  When I found out Kelli was coming and that we’d be able to sew, I got the quilts out.  She said she was going to work on her Scrap Vortex quilt.  I told her I was working on the BOM.

I was hoping I might be able to quilt her into helping.  I didn’t care if she sewed…I was hoping she might work along with me and keep me at the machine.  Thursday over naptime I cut out the border fabric.  Thursday night I sewed the brown borders on.  Friday the red borders went on with some help from Kelli.  She would measure and get a quilt ready for me sew then while I sewed that, she’d prep the other quilt and get it ready for me to sew.

Then it came to the triangle border.  I have all the triangles sewn and part of them sewn together.  I sewed more together while she pinned down what was done.

Then about 6pm, this happened…..

DONE!  Both tops are done.

I was tickled.  Really tickled.  Hubby grabbed a picture of us with the two quilts.  The lighting was bad but that’s okay.  You can still see they are done and right now, that’s all I care about.

Next up…quilting them.  UGH.  It’s always one more thing isn’t it.  At least they are this far and are getting closer to getting out of my sewing room.  Readers were so convinced that once I saw these finished that I would love them.  Sadly, I still don’t.  They are lovely…but I’m not in love with them.

So it’s your turn now…share with us either by linking up or leaving a comment to let us know how you did with your BOM Challenge.

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Happily, for us, this is the end of the challenge.  We don’t have any other BOM’s to work on.  I don’t anticipate us getting another one either.

I’m so happy these are finished…now, I have to get myself to quilt them….Fingers crossed they don’t sit in the to-do pile too long.

25 thoughts on “Block of the Month Challenge”

  1. They’re beautiful but I understand not loving them. If you aren’t going to keep them, I would make sure they go to someone special since they did have so much work in them. Maybe Karl would like one.

  2. Bravo! I’m still cleaning and organizing my sewing room so I envy you being able to do marathon sewing AND having a helper to tag team to the finish line! Good job!

  3. Shout out hooray you did it great job……..!,,,,,,,,,!,,,,!,,,!. This is an amazing job and you carried us with you along the way. Thank you.

  4. Wow, Jo! Love the photo of you two and your quilts. Finishing these is an accomplishment to celebrate, now you can look forward to using the scraps!

  5. Such a goal reached!! You don’t have to love the quilt but better than sitting in pieces in a tote! Quilting will bring to life and when you get it completed it makes a beautiful bed quilt. Good work Jo and Kelli ;)

  6. I’m in the same boat on this one – all of the blocks are finished, and the whole thing went home with Aunt Nancy to finish! But, I’m not in love with it either – not sure what to do with it when it is finally finished!

  7. Stephani in N. TX

    Stunningly beautiful. Hold off on how much you do or don’t love them. I finished quilts and contributed them to our comfort quilts at my guild. Once I saw them quilted, their beauty really shone. I really wanted to keep them, they were such cinderellas. But the quilting effort was also donated so I couldn’t back out and passed them on with pride.

  8. Well done and beautiful! Once they are quilted, you will learn to love them, maybe! I think the agony of making them makes you not love them at the moment. ORL was my BOM to finish last year and I made it. I’m not loving Good Fortune as it goes together. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Use a favorite fabric/color for your backing so even if the top is not your favorite there is something that you really really like in the quilt.

  10. You make a great tag team and now 2 tops are done. I know my life doesn’t have room for a block of month project . Your quilts are very detailed with lots of tiny pieces, all adding to their beauty. Maybe monochromatic color schemes in quilts are not your thing right now but our tastes do/might change over time! Way to go-push through and get’er done.

  11. it will look gorgeous with your antiques maybe in a spare room on a bed for a while. After that you can decide whether to let it go or not. I like the look of the quilt but I did not enjoy the making of it. Turned me against BOMs.

  12. Hallelujah! Congratulations! They really are pretty quilts, but if you don’t love yours maybe you could use it for a raffle for some cause. Does your local public library need a little extra money? Always a good cause (I’m a retired librarian) and the money is always needed. I know myself well enough to not get into any BOM projects. I have enough unfinished projects just from my own quilt group monthly meetings.

  13. Gorgeous! Not ever been sucked into BOM because like Linda, I know myself too well. I did cut a quilt out last January, thinking I would sew along with you. . .alas, it is my goal for 2019 to get it sewn. It has an applique border which is freaking me out, but I need to start eating the elephant by piecing the blocks. First, I must find it. Cleaning in the sewing room today. . .boy, oh boy, does it need it!

  14. Awesome job in getting it done! I’m not a Civil War fan but I do have that same BOM and I have yet to start it. Like you, what am I going to do with it once it’s done. Well I guess first off I better get cracking on this. One day………

  15. Congratulations! wish I could offer extremely “large” congratulations especially that you’ve completed 2 very very large quilts!! They are my kind of quilt & truly beautiful!

  16. I finished all of the blocks for my PA Dutch quilt-but was derailed by the sashing. I also got stuck on my Chocolatier BOM-and I even have three blocks cut out and ready to go! I did make a beautiful Eagle quilt for my nephew that took precedence. And I started a graduation quilt for my niece. . . but I think, most importantly of all, I found out I’m anemic! So I’m hoping once the iron kicks in I’ll have more energy to sew.

  17. Congratulations! I think they are beautiful! The colors and the variety are stunning. You both did such a great job. I hope after you quilt them, you will love them.

  18. I ran out of steam on my BOM with blocks still to go and all the assembly pending.

    I’m going to struggle on with it into 2019. (BTW, I can’t get to the link up form so, but hopefully the website link by my name will work.

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