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A post from Kelli–

It’s the first Saturday of the month–which means that it’s the block of the month challenge!  As you know, Mom and I are trying to work through out Civil War Tribute Block of the Month.

If you’ve been reading through out the few months, you’ll know that some months we do well….and others not so much and unfortunately, this is a month is a not so much month.

I had surgery on my foot last week and was supposed to take 2 weeks off of work.  I ended up taking two weeks off from the hospital, but had a hard time turning down holiday pay for the shift I was scheduled to work on Memorial Day.  I was also recently offered a position doing some extra hours in the office at the nursing home, so I’ve been working in the office during some of the time that I’ve been “off.”  I found out that the things that I needed to so when I’ve been in the office definitely weren’t sitting down things which has been a bit aggrivating.  I also ended up with a Migraine on Saturday and some residual headaches that have been pretty brutal.  So while I thought i was going to get a lot done….and that has been anything but the truth!

On Thursday I finally had a few hours that I could work on the block of the month.

I got everything out and worked on getting things organized and ironed.  One thing that was a bit hard with this month was that the colors on the picture didn’t match to well with the actual colors of the fabric in the bag.

Since I’m cutting out and making the blocks for both mine and mom’s, I have to cut out 2 of everything.  It’s a little bit interesting because I don’t have one cut of the fabric to use to get all the parts, so I have to be careful and make sure that I end up being able to get all of the parts out of the fabric that I have.

I even came up with this nifty little trick that I make one checkmark for mine and one checkmark for Mom’s.

And I have this nifty little pattern holder to keep me in line.  This pattern uses some odd measurements that I’m not really used to, but I’m a little nervous to change anything because some of the fabrics have almost double the fabric required and some then have only an inch or two.

And of course I’m using the paper plates to organize everything….

I go back to work at the hospital next Friday, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find some time throughout the week that I’ll be able to finish cutting things out…and maybe even get a bit of sewing done….

How are you all doing on your blocks of the month?  Hopefully better than mine!

7 thoughts on “Block of the Month Challenge”

  1. I did a civil war block of the month 2 years ago but the blocks are fairly small and we did 4 per month, I still have them all stitched but have not put them together into a top. I think I will work on getting it done, you have inspired me to finish it. I really love the fabrics that you are getting in your kits. Hope you get some time to put them together.

  2. I joined a block of the month that started in April. I really like the fabrics and finished quilt, I just haven’t started yet. Month 3 will be coming soon! My summer vacation started this week, I work in a school cafeteria and I am hopeful that I will at least get some of the quilt done. ;)

  3. I don’t envy you having to cut out the odd sizes. I’ve been having trouble cutting fabric lately, but hoping that after eye surgery this month, I will be able to do better. Hope that your headaches go away. Take care. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I was just wondering how you were healing from your surgery…and here you are. Take good care until you are all better.

  5. That is a lot of triangles, to cut and to keep track of different sizes. Best of luck on finding some sewing time this last week off the job … sort of off the job. =)

  6. Betty Woodlee

    Kelli, I recognized right off that we have the same china, even down to the pattern. lol. Glad to hear your foot is improving—hope the headaches stay away.

  7. My BOM ground to a halt in April and May. I only finished two blocks, and haven’t touched it in the last six weeks. Spring yard work has been eating my weekends, and my needlework has been keeping my attention.

    I need to get back to it; I’d love to get the top to the LAQ by Labor Day. I’m on block 18 of 25, then there are a bunch of sashings to be cut yet. Slow and steady…..

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